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Well, the cat's out of the bag - Jobs has confirmed in his WWDC keynote speech that the first Intel-based Mac will be shipping next June, with the lineup transitioned by June 2007. The demos on stage have been on OS X running on a 3.6GHz P4.

And 10.5 will be known as "Leopard".

Awesome! I've always wanted to run OS-X on my Toshiba notebook. :))))
Yea, His Steveness shall wreak his wrath upon those who hold another manufacturer to Him. ^_^

Realistically, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see an analogue of XPostFacto emerge, permitting OS X Intel to run on some non-Apple systems. Probably with stacks of caveats and limitations, so it wouldn't be something the general public would be interested in (or even know about), but if Apple winds up using some stock Intel chipset, other systems with that specific chipset might be in luck.
Another nail in the coffin for IBM! I also read that mac OS was a variant of Linux? Or should that be is related to Linux somehow. (I only scanned the article, i should have been working when my boss walked in)
*nods* based on something called "NeXTStep" - aside from being really interested in this OS when I was at an IT expo in the middle east (back in 1996) I haven't heard much of it; maybe someone else can enlighten us further?
IIRC, Mac OS X is based on the FreeBSD 4.x branch* (along with NeXTStep) with a lot of their own stuff thrown in.

*that was what they were using the last time I checked - perhaps they've moved to 5.x by now?
Very nice indeed. Oh, how I'd love to try OS X on my IBM laptop. :)
Mac OS X Leotard? Oh! Leopard! Never mind.
That would make for some quite appealing commercials. ^_^

Damn, and here I was, rooting for "Ocelot".
Yeah, all the rumour sites and forums have been going mad over all the different possibilities of what could happen and whether this change is for better or worse. I’ve been following the news for a little while now but just for the sake of knowing everything for sure I had been waiting until something like a transcript of Job’s keynote or a recording of it is put up on the net.

Hopefully this is a move for the better, IBM didn’t manage to keep their promises on the G5, the development being far too slow etc., and with all it’s thermal problems there was no way that we were going to see it in a PowerBook .

I am going to put off my Mac purchase for a little while. The PPC architecture is very good but I don’t want to be on the architecture that is on the way out, I can wait. I would also like to see something better than a P4 in the boxes that they eventually put out.
Intel is fine. That's a hardware thing, and mac has always been good with the design of thier hardware, but those Motorola chips wern't ever that great (to slow and hot).

Now if mac moves over to licensing Microsoft to write thier OS, then I'm going back to using just a pen and paper for everything.
Hopefully they'll ship x86 macs using the Pentium M, which whips ass compared to the P4..
I'd imagine something like that - these P4 systems are strictly for developer use, so they've something to get going on before the first retail systems hit the market next year. Given Apple will apparently be shifting the high-end G5 systems last, I'd imagine one of the earlier candidates will be the PowerBooks and "I want to make this perfectly clear, even if someone says" Yonah, with a single core equivalent going into the iBooks, helping differentiate the families.
And 10.5 will be known as "Leopard".

Dang. I was hoping they would continue alphabetically ('though I can't think of which big cat comes after T...). Now I'll never remember it! :)
Hee! Well, "Ocelot" wouldn't have been too far before T. Or "Serval", for that matter. ^_^ (Nice photo they used for the demo illustration - seen it? The keynote's now available to view here; it's of one poking its head around a rock edge)

Leopard... And 10.5? I guess we're going to stick with moving in increments of .1s, huh... no more of that 7.0 to 7.5, to 7.51, then to 8.0... 9.21~ When do you think we'll hit 11.0?