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Best non-spoiler for episode 11, "Boom Town":

"Is the Tardis powered by Marsellus Wallace's suitcase?"
Well, once Gallifry was reduced to a time-cinder, the Doctor had to find an alternative power source...

Personally, from the way the console glows, I figure he's jammed about fifteen green lightsabers into the Time Rotor. Lots of power, and cheap, too.
...in those regards. They are changing so many premises of the show, but I guess if there are no longer any Timelords then the Tardis needs power from somewhere.

At least they finally started noticing the 'Bad Wolf' references.

So if the Daleks and the Timelords annihilated each other, there are a few questions to ask: 1) If they wiped each other out using the 'go back in time and prevent them from being born' scenario, how did The Doctor survive?

2) If they didn't do scenario 1, then they had a actual battleground where everything was destroyed between the races, which means The Doctor can go back in time to the point when Gallifrey was still around and revisit his 'past'.

3) While The Doctor never really comes across as a pathological liar, there is the chance that he uses that story instead of 'I'm on the run from the Time Police for stealing their shit and breaking Time Law', which doesn't sound as wholesome to potential companions.

4) Was The Doctor hitting on Captain Jack in this episode? *Not that that has anything to do with the annihilation of Time Lords*