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kyoht's pondering a Watership Down portfolio; WD fen may wish to chime in. ^_^ (And on that note, this minstrel, by hbruton, is rather charming)

What would a bat on helium sound like?

Wrong on so many levels: this corporate mascot.

Well, looks like there's another furry anime around: Kaiketsu Zorori, starring a golden fox. ^_^ A fansub of episode 1 just appeared, though I've not yet had an opportunity to fetch it.

Yay! runtt has another track, and it's now actually downloadable. ^_^ "Crawl", 3.2MB. (The older two can be found here)

Combine a creepy classic "Grey" alien puppet with a lounge singer delivering Christian crooning, and you wind up with something like this. (36MB) Be warned - this is in the same league as The Lion and the King and The Star Wars Holiday Special. And keep an eye out for the guest appearance by another puppet, "Chip the Black Boy".

.. which makes an ideal companion to this page, "The Passion of the Tchotchke". After all, nothing says "Holy Land" like a snowglobe, or a plastic savings bank, emblazoned with the slogan, "Jesus Saves". And, as the page author so nicely puts it, "Another beautiful combination of words: Last Supper Hologram Clock." Blame ysengrin. ^_^

The patron saint of ice buckets.

Amusingly, ep.27 of Yakitate Japan actually included a full recipe. Unfortunately, I don't have a rice cooker (the premise of the show being that whilst European nations have their own recognised styles of bread, Japan doesn't - so it's up to our hero to create them. "Pan" being the French-imported word for bread, hence "Japan" being an intralingual pun; "yakitate" meaning "fresh-baked"), but maybe something could be rigged up, perhaps using an electric slow-cooker - that ought to be able to reach the required 110C, but probably not as quickly, given they're intended for the long haul. But improvisation's the name of the game.. ^_^

Japan #2
350g flour
21g butter
21g sugar
35ml milk
180ml water
5g dry yeast
6.5g salt
Add the yeast to a small amount of water. Knead everything together except the butter, leaving that to last. Knead again until the dough no longer feels sticky, and shape it into a ball. Leave it in a warm place for an hour for the primary fermentation, then drop it 50cm into the cooker pan to release the gas, rather than flattening it out by hand. Leave for another hour for the secondary fermentation.

Turn on the rice cooker, and leave it for an hour. Turn it over for another hour, turn again, and finish with a final hour.

And I noticed LJ's going to be offering permanent accounts, for one day only, next Tuesday - got $150 spare? No renewal ever, plus 50 icons. (Swoon!)

hmo's rendition of Closet Coon's Aiden. ^_^

Amusing and cheesy. ^_^ Store Wars tells of the Organic Rebellion. (Flash streaming video, also available as large and small QT and WMV downloadable files, 3-8MB)

And today's soundtrack lives over here (109MB), from the fair paws of neonbunny.
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