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kyoht's pondering a Watership Down portfolio; WD fen may wish to chime in. ^_^ (And on that note, this minstrel, by hbruton, is rather charming)

What would a bat on helium sound like?

Wrong on so many levels: this corporate mascot.

Well, looks like there's another furry anime around: Kaiketsu Zorori, starring a golden fox. ^_^ A fansub of episode 1 just appeared, though I've not yet had an opportunity to fetch it.

Yay! runtt has another track, and it's now actually downloadable. ^_^ "Crawl", 3.2MB. (The older two can be found here)

Combine a creepy classic "Grey" alien puppet with a lounge singer delivering Christian crooning, and you wind up with something like this. (36MB) Be warned - this is in the same league as The Lion and the King and The Star Wars Holiday Special. And keep an eye out for the guest appearance by another puppet, "Chip the Black Boy".

.. which makes an ideal companion to this page, "The Passion of the Tchotchke". After all, nothing says "Holy Land" like a snowglobe, or a plastic savings bank, emblazoned with the slogan, "Jesus Saves". And, as the page author so nicely puts it, "Another beautiful combination of words: Last Supper Hologram Clock." Blame ysengrin. ^_^

The patron saint of ice buckets.

Amusingly, ep.27 of Yakitate Japan actually included a full recipe. Unfortunately, I don't have a rice cooker (the premise of the show being that whilst European nations have their own recognised styles of bread, Japan doesn't - so it's up to our hero to create them. "Pan" being the French-imported word for bread, hence "Japan" being an intralingual pun; "yakitate" meaning "fresh-baked"), but maybe something could be rigged up, perhaps using an electric slow-cooker - that ought to be able to reach the required 110C, but probably not as quickly, given they're intended for the long haul. But improvisation's the name of the game.. ^_^

Japan #2
350g flour
21g butter
21g sugar
35ml milk
180ml water
5g dry yeast
6.5g salt
Add the yeast to a small amount of water. Knead everything together except the butter, leaving that to last. Knead again until the dough no longer feels sticky, and shape it into a ball. Leave it in a warm place for an hour for the primary fermentation, then drop it 50cm into the cooker pan to release the gas, rather than flattening it out by hand. Leave for another hour for the secondary fermentation.

Turn on the rice cooker, and leave it for an hour. Turn it over for another hour, turn again, and finish with a final hour.

And I noticed LJ's going to be offering permanent accounts, for one day only, next Tuesday - got $150 spare? No renewal ever, plus 50 icons. (Swoon!)

hmo's rendition of Closet Coon's Aiden. ^_^

Amusing and cheesy. ^_^ Store Wars tells of the Organic Rebellion. (Flash streaming video, also available as large and small QT and WMV downloadable files, 3-8MB)

And today's soundtrack lives over here (109MB), from the fair paws of neonbunny.
Ay caramba! That grey puppet singing about love and space angels was super-creepy!

Two other things I enjoyed:

1 - The board ops having fun with the wipes. Especially flipping between Chip and the live reader guy -- and the stupid look on live-reader-guy's face throughout.

2 - Live-reader-guy's lapsing into a "theatrical" accent when reading. I can imagine that some people think more souls are saved with a bad fake British accent!
The video effects mercifully take one's attention off the puppetry, I find. ^_^; Not just using the wipes.. enthusiastically, but leaving them stuck midway, as if pushing the avant-garde envelope of the show's niche.

and the stupid look on live-reader-guy's face throughout.

<td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td>

Although I've yet to see it, this might serve as quite a good introduction to Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. ^_^ Oh, it's ripe material for remixing..

Live-reader-guy's lapsing into a "theatrical" accent when reading.

Add in the Shatner impression at the same time, and it's quite a unique result.
"What would a bat on helium sound like?"
It would sound like, "a bat", only in a higher register. :P

"this corporate mascot."
"Okay, congratualtions to all of you with dry cracks, you may go. Those two that have wet *slurp* cracks, see me in my office."

"Kaiketsu Zorori"
Oh yes. First heard about that when Jeff Kun mentioned it in several of his pics. ^_^

"...something like this..."
I'm already shivering.

"The Passion of the Tchotchke"
Oh how wonderful! Just by looking at the items, I can tell what they smell like. Things like that have their own scent. If one has too much of it in one's home, that too begins to smell. Tchotchke marks its territory.

"The patron saint of ice buckets."
Fantastic. *mad giggling* It's refreshing to see that there are people who don't take life seriously. I mean, there -are- plenty who don't, but in the capacity of a work environment.

Argh! I haven't been keeping up with them. I've got all released, yet I'm still back on 14 or 15.

"permanent accounts"
I'd imagine it will do quite well.

"hmo's rendition of Closet Coon's Aiden."

"Store Wars"
Hilarious! Obi Wan Cannoli. *laff*

Fantastic. *mad giggling* It's refreshing to see that there are people who don't take life seriously. I mean, there -are- plenty who don't, but in the capacity of a work environment.

Hee! Well, I suppose there was that degree of freedom in the situation - no manager hovering nearby. And what would the complaint say? "Your employee worried me as I left with one of your ice buckets".. >grin< (Ugh, I don't know I could bear any job where you've got to keep asking rote questions of customers, however unnecessary both of you know they are, lest you get fired for not sticking to corporate policy)

Argh! I haven't been keeping up with them. I've got all released, yet I'm still back on 14 or 15.

Eep! Oh, there's quite a lot coming up - the judging at the Pantasia contest turns out to be particularly good, and there's a few twists on their way as well. I'm pleased to see the series retaining its energy, and its viewership - each episode attracts thousands. I wonder if it might wind up getting licensed? It's certainly popular, but it's not a combat, thriller, or fantasy story, which might leave some TV executives confused as to its appeal - and there are quite a few occasions the group feels it necessary to include footnotes. Though quite a few of those would be made redundant in an English dub, I suppose, where the pun could either be translated "natively", or omitted.

"permanent accounts"
I'd imagine it will do quite well.

I can see quite a few folks plumping for them. It's a fair chunk of change, certainly, which is what'll put people off (maybe they'd shift even more if payment could be spread over, say, six monthly installments, with one up front. That could give them a normal additional year, and so on, until the sixth payment, whereupon their account would magically transmogrify into a permanent butterfly and flutter its wings gaily at all who passed), but never having to be concerned about renewing again would be very pleasant, and fifty icons would be awfully nice. Of course, it's possible to purchase extra icons, but, more cost.

And you can tell some people put quite a lot of time into Store Wars. ^_^ Just look at the bar scene! Hee.

Ah, for a large enough garden to be able to grow some really good vegetables - and herbs, definitely. Mm, the aroma of freshly cut cilantro, basil, rosemary, or lemon thyme.. and peas straight from the pod are so scrumptious. :-9 Garden tomatoes can actually have real flavor, and then there's the joy of fruit trees, and berry bushes.. hm. Wonder how difficult it is to cultivate lychees? Pineapples would be great to have too, but that'd only probably be feasible if I wound up moving to Thailand or Malaysia. ^_^ Or if I built something like Project Eden, but that might take a while. ^_^
"I don't know I could bear any job where you've got to keep asking rote questions..."
Hear hear!

"...would be made redundant in an English dub..."
I HATE that! Footnotes are good people. If one isn't as privvied to the ways of Japanese culture -popular, modern, or historical- as some, they are a necessity to fully understand the reference. Yakitate, in particular, has required the most footnotes I've seen in any series; and the majority of the time they are required. And there is no excuse on the part of Licensors to leave people in the dark, censor, or edit what is already there. None whatsoever. So what if people have to pause to read the note. So what if they haven't heard of a person. So what if they haven't heard that expression. And never, ever dumb down any material. If someone uses big words, you use those words. If someone says, "Fuck you", don't say instead, "Get lost". Morality, censorship, simplifying: It's not on.

"I can see quite a few folks plumping for them."
I don't see why an idea of monthly payments would be adverse for They Who Must Be Obeyed. As more people with permanent accounts means less renewing = less hassle for them.

"...put quite a lot
of time into Store Wars."

Oh yes. The names were perfect, and the voices were spot on. I was perticularly impressed by Ham Solo. ^_^

"...large enough garden to be able to grow some really good vegetables"
A worthwhile toil under the sun. Oh joys, one's own orchard. Rows, columns, paragraphs of neatly spaced herbs: oh basil, paprika. Onion, garlic, cheese, celery, potato.

"...but that might take a while."
No problems with space. You've got that entire field to play with! ^.^
I don't know that I want the "Happy Crack" boxer shorts.
And surely their thong makes for something of an oxymoron?
Just so you know, that's a NEW version of "Welcome", recorded with the help of my furends, Belic Bear (guitars and chorus lead vocal) & Sedge Hare (Bass guitar). I played drums, of course, keyboards and sang the lead and backing vocals. It's a quick mix.
Ahh, so it's a fully furry band? Coolness! I'm surprised nothing along such lines has emerged from the Bay Area, or even SoCal, given the density of the furry population in both regions. But then, there's plenty of distractions, one supposes. ^_^

Would that it were possible to play in the fur! Well, maybe keyboards would be feasible.. drums maybe, but there's that pesky vision thing. Guitars.. heh. That could be challenging. ^_^ Although.. I suppose it might be possible to design one's claws to be usable as plectra, but that'd surely not be trivial to adapt to. Have you tried? ^_^
A few things--

1. Am currently making known to Kyoht my strong feelings on the issue. ^_^ Thanks so much for the link!

2. Hehe, I don't understand the popularity of rabbit minstrels. I've seen quite a few playing some sort of flute or recorder, now that you mention it... do they just naturally lend themselves to music in a way I wasn't aware of? =;)

3. The painful 56k remains, but "Crawl" is 3/4 downloaded! Runtt is one of my favorites. =:)

4. Any idea where I could commission a statue of the Patron Saint of Ice Buckets? I want him to occupy a prominent place in my new Temple to the Ingenuity of Man.
Be sure to have a peek at those two pics from Margaret Lane! Such lovely work.. certainly, I really hope Kyoht goes ahead with the idea. She doesn't draw lapines all that often, but she does draw them so very well, with a convincing head shape, and attention to the typically cute nose. ^_^ I need to reply to that thread, actually - maybe I'll put in a request for a digital version of said portfolio, as I'm always nervous about having artwork sent through the mail, and it's a bit of a hassle to store and carry around when I move. I'd actually much rather just enjoy the works on a nice LCD, which also means I could peek at them on the move, or in the bath. (Doesn't everyone take their laptops into the bath with them?)

No chance of interesting the 'rents in DSL? ^_^ It's a pity so many ISPs tie their offerings to a minimum commitment of a year, else it'd be simple enough to just get it running for the summer.. still, maybe there are some around offering affordable monthly contracts. Gods, when I finally opted for DSL (despite money being on the tight side), I was so happy to have that permanent connectivity available again, let alone the speed, or the aspect of not tying up the line. (I still marvel at the technology.. getting megabits over decades-old copper wiring only ever originally intended for a 2.4kHz voice signal. Not that that stops me from hoping for universal fiber-to-the-home, making services like that Hong Kong telco's 1Gbps offering possible. ^_^; Not exactly free with the cornflakes, at $215/mo, but still.. :)

do they just naturally lend themselves to music in a way I wasn't aware of?

It's all in the bounce. ^_^

(Which, no, doesn't really explain red pandas. But then, what does?)
(Deleted comment)
It was actually one of the sets he played at this year's Bunny Jam (the fifth, IIRC), hence the theme. (Ah, I wish I could've got along to that) Indeed, I'd love to see the concept blossom elsewhere - there's not an insubstantial lapine population in the UK, after all. ^_^

Rotekatze really is doing some gorgeous work - and it doesn't hurt when an artist's given such a character to work with. :) (Another favorite is windmist's LJ icon, capturing lutrine cuddliness so very well)