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Rather a good red panda pic, by oCe. (You'll need to be signed on to view it) Thanks, rabitguy. Thabitguy.

I noticed a little while back that Kraft has been taking some heat in the US for their sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games. They've recently (more or less) issued a statement. Kudos to Kraft.

Perhaps not that surprising, but I was impressed to notice Chris Cunningham has actually won a D&AD gold award in their music video category - the first gold in that category - for the cybernetic wonder All is Full of Love. The rather minimal promo site for Rubber Johnny also notes, "His next two short films with Warp Films, Rubber Johnny and Spectral Musicians, are scheduled for release on DVD in 2005. With much anticipation from his legion of fans, Cunningham is finally turning his attention to feature films, and is currently developing a feature length script with Warp Films."

Speaking of whom, I've put the brief teaser for said work online temporarily here (2.2MB). It's quite work safe, just.. very odd, and somewhat disturbing in his way.

Curiously, the recent USPS issue of American Scientists stamps seems to have eluded the geek press until just now - but there they are: John von Neumann, Barbara McClintock, Josiah Willard Gibbs, and - of course - Richard Feynman.

I'll assert that The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances make for one of the very best Doctor Who stories of all, not just this season. Magnificent ending.

And you'll be pleased to know the Who is Doctor Who? site is still being updated.. (Geocomtex use OS X? Who knew?) Good to see UNIT's on top of things: "We've been hearing reports of people creeping onto construction sites to see if they can steal something. Apparently, these shells are interesting in design, and, what with eBay, the market for World War II artefacts has really exploded."

[Today's soundtrack can be found here (6.3MB), courtesy of neonbunny]
...and there's this week's Bad Wolf reference. It's a shame they had to spell it out - I found it by watching the bomb sequence frame by frame out of curiousity, and saw it written on the side..
...and unit may have changed their password, but to nothing more secure... :P
Well, they've probably outsourced their IT operation to EDS.
Aha! I admit, that passed me straight by - but then, it's since been discussed on doctorwho and the like. I'm pleased to see I'm not alone in my regard for The Doctor Dances.

On watching the Red Dwarf ep where they go to "backwards Earth", of course, I had to record the spiel the manager gives to Kryten and Rimmer on firing them, and reverse it: "I'm not actually addressing you am I? I'm addressing the one poor, sad git in the country who has bothered to play this backwards and find out what I'm saying!"
Actually what looks like next weeks reference is also featured just in the teaser...
...and don't call me sad for noticing that GeoComTex sell Bonded polycarbon, when *everyone* knows that Daleks are "little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour"...
Makes great condoms, too!