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W00t! akira114 notes that Robert Altman and Garrison Keillor are preparing to make A Prairie Home Companion.

neonbunny pointed out the Dance Dance Immolation fundraiser party being thrown by Interpretive Arson, 9pm June 4, Hunter's Point. "Fire-spewing cake! Burn-your-own crème brulée! Free pyro snacks and desserts! Flamethrower raffle, hot tub, two rooms of music featuring downtempo grooves, breaks, and techno! And much more. Fire Makes Everything Better." (DDI? Think DDR, but with fireproof suits and flames) Maybe not surprisingly, there's a tribe.net connection.. ^_^ I otter sign up there sometime, if I could work out where I should place myself geographically.

Futa standing was only the beginning. ^_^ (Thanks sockscatt!) Icon versions here and here, courtesy of a little image magic by torrle, via sowelu. It'll be interesting to see if that trait's shared by his descendants..

I've arranged the D&AD 2005 nominees in the music video category, but whilst the thumbnails don't actually add up to much bandwidth, it does take up a bit of screen space in toto. Five in all, including one from Michel Gondry, and two from Spike Jonze - take a peek!

The nominees in the D&AD 2005 Awards music videos category, complete with QuickTime versions of each, this year includes:

The Streets Blinded by the Lights (30MB), almost a microcosm of a more middle-class Trainspotting.

YUKI Sentimental Journey (42MB), a simple concept, with seemingly very little in technological enhancement. Not quite the kind of voice to make one bow down in humility, but a reasonable enough track once it's properly underway.

Björk Triumph of a Heart (34MB), perhaps my favorite, both for the slightly furry theme, and as lively and offbeat a track as you'd expect from her.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y Control (27MB; previous and this directed by Spike Jonze. You might notice the production company, Morton Jankel Zander - from Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton, creators of Max Headroom).

.. and Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man (16MB; dir. Michel Gondry). Never before in the field of music video has there been so much wool in so little time. Joyfully insane.

So, the two I'd particularly highlight are Björk's and Steriogram's, with a noteworthy mention to Yuki's. As it turns out, Yellow Pencils (the standard "silver award") were given for Björk's and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' videos, no Black Pencils (their rarely given "gold award" top accolade).

Speaking of video phenomena, I notice Chris Cunningham's latest project, Rubber Johnny, saw its debut in LA the other night. Even by his standards - some may recall Come to Daddy - this sounds like a fabulously warped production: "The mutant, a shape-shifting child called Rubber Johnny, returns, living in a dark basement with only a boss-eyed Chihuahua for company.

The video begins with a doctor reassuring a visably disturbed Johnny, who seems to be asking for his mummy. When he gets violent, the doctor is forced to inject him with a calming sedative. The film then flips to the familiar Drukqs introduction and then proceeds to go crazy with Johnny dancing in his wheelchair, doing wheelies and tricks for the amusement of his dog, and transforming into a variety of nightmarish shapes, like a someone tipping a wheelbarrow full of butcher's shop scrapings, entrails and brains onto a window."

Of course, you won't want to miss the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival next month, in Ohio. (Beware: evil embedded MIDI)

On the recent hullabaloo over the WSJ's story of Apple being in talks to use Intel chippery, I'd wonder if this guy may have a more plausible take on it: WiMAX. Of course, Intel makes scads of other chippery too, and the original article was quite careful to leave the impression of x86 being under discussion, without literally saying as much. It might be interesting to see Intel as a PowerPC fabrication/design partner, if the IBM and Freescale (née Motorola SPS) agreements would permit such, but on that front, my impression is AMD's got the edge over Intel in next-gen fab tech. Another quite feasible angle is Xscale, formerly StrongARM - a fairly powerful family, with low power consumption, ideal for demanding portable applications.
As Duct Tape Festival to showcase dad’s favorite tool i'm not sure that anyone should go especially as one of the primary sponsors is
Busch Funeral and Crematory Service I wonder what event they are sponsoring perhaps the BBQ? And perhaps one of the other sponsors LifeShare community Blood Services Are giving out bloody marys!

That midi is going to be released as a single, I mean if Crazy Frog can get to number one that's bound to be a hit!

Also the Make it yourself with Duct tape Was very helpful I think the Munchie bowl is my favourite, but i think it may be more useful if you get caught short on the M25 :)
Duct Tape Festival to showcase dad’s favorite tool

*giggle* Presumably part of the After Midnight events. ^_^

I notice there's a competition too, for "Duck® Brand Duct Tape Dad of the Year Contest", wherein "One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a cash prize of $500.00, a Duck® Brand Duck Tape Crown and Scepter, and a year's supply of Duck® Brand Duck Tape, and the honor of riding on the Duck Brand Duct Tape Dad of the Year parade float in the parade on June 19, 2005."

Of course, a "year's supply" may vary..

Busch Funeral and Crematory Service

Why, it's the perfect combination of ancient tradition and modern technology: the duct tape mummy. And economical, too! Classical style at a fraction of Tutankhamen's expenses.

I've yet to hear or see said frog, and by the sound of it, I should cherish that position. ^_^

Come to that, I suppose one could make a highly functional laptop sleeve with duct tape, especially if some padding could be inserted for cushioning against shock. As with the wallet, you could add on a pocket or two for things like a Firewire cable, or a Flash drive. Now, could the bowl itself also be fashioned of tape? Seems like it'd be quite feasible, and probably very long lasting, given you could squish it flat when not in use, then just open it out again. ^_^
"Robert Altman and Garrison Keillor are preparing to make A Prairie Home Companion."

I can't wait! I love that show.
He's one of the heroes of American radio, no question. ^_^ I'd love to see that film do well, if only to bring him to the attention of more people; though, I dare say he may well have benefited from the past few years, with the net reawakening people to the wealth of variety available on radio beyond the banality of Clear Channel and Infinity Broadcasting.

Did you catch his work for (shock!) Honda last year, in their "Hate Something, Change Something" TV spot? (Quite a nifty production, actually!) It is/was promoted on a small site of its own, but it's probably moved since then, so I've popped it back up here (6.7MB) temporarily.
I had not seen the Honda commercial. Thank you. That made me laugh greatly, just by the concept. As anyone who has ever heard PHC, Garrison cannot sing.
Let's give him a singing television commercial...
This had to be my new LJ icon. HAD TO BE.
Sowelu definitely did a superb job on it. *giggle* Ah, if only Flash icons were permitted by LJ - but I suppose the format's so absurdly rich that just about anything else could be slipped in. Perhaps they could run some sort of sanitation check on a new Flash upload, to ensure it's purely self-contained, no grabbing bits off the net or such. Might be a nice perk for paid users, even, to offset the hassle in developing such a tool.

And it's the last time that person mistakes a red panda for a raccoon. ^_^ (Not that there's anything wrong with raccoons, needless to say - but raccoon ≠ red panda!)
...and this is a Red Panda, a somewhat rare mammal from moutainous regions of China. It's commonly confused with the north american raccoon due to it's size, shape, and markings. However, a red panda is primarily rusty red and dark brown, rather than grey. Also, take care to avoid their eye lasers -- an adaption that has left the Red Panda with no enemies in nature.
(Deleted comment)
It sounds like it's partially the eternal problem of the artist - the self-doubt that what you're doing really isn't all that good. Even he seems to feel that, despite his track record.

I wonder what might happen if, somehow, he and Chris Morris fell into the same wavelength.. (speaking of whom, I ought to actually get around to Nathan Barley at some point. I loved the first episode, but the other five episodes remain on a DVD in the pile unwatched as yet)

Sadly, all I've seen of Flex is the short excerpt included on his Directors Label DVD. Surely they could've put the whole thing on? And I'm sure he must have other works besides.. ah well. Wonder if Warp might be able to lure him out for the British debut of Rubber Johnny? I'll have to keep an eye out for news of such. I could always try suggesting the notion to the Chapter, to see if they could pull off such a coup.. >grin<

I liked Chris Cunningham better when he was making robots.
("All Is Full Of Love" and "Second Bad Vilbel")
Still, what I saw of "Flex" on the Directors Series DVD piqued my interest.
I'd love to see the whole thing.
I bought the DVD for a friend, and watched it at his place.
I haven't gotten my own copy yet because I was disappointed at how little material is on it.

Duct tape festival?!!

*giggle* I had to include mention of that. ^_^ There's even an essay competition with part of the prize being "a year's supply" of their tape, but I'm thinking their notion of such a supply might be different. ^_^ (But being a family event, it's to nominate one's father as Duct Tape Dad of the Year - and there's the little matter of "The Contest is only open to students that are living in Avon, Ohio, or that are actively enrolled and attending school located in Avon, Ohio in kindergarten through twelfth grade at the time of entry.")

"It will be a celebration of duct tape, its enthusiasts, and its wacky and fun uses." *grin*