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Random otter pic.

Well now, Hell House ought to be interesting viewing sometime this week:

"Around the time of year when most children are out trick or treating, Trinity Assemblies Of God church in Cedar Hill, Texas, is putting on a haunted house to raise money and awareness for their cause. This haunted house isn't filled with witches, goblins, Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers, but instead features scenes of abortions gone horribly wrong, raves that spiral into gang rapes, homosexual men on their AIDS deathbeds renouncing God, kids reading 'occult' books like the Harry Potter series, drunk-driving wrecks, and a school kid who just can't take the merciless teasing anymore, and shoots himself in front of the class. It's called 'Hell House,' and it's one of the biggest attractions for miles."

Want some unusual seating?

VCL pick for the day: SoniTweek's Lili Rose. (Very safe)

While searching around for episodes of Dick Spanner, another in Gerry Anderson's long list of productions, I came across a good little interview with him, including this on the cars in UFO: "They were custom built and the bodies were made from beaten aluminium - they were quite dangerous to drive! The gull-wing doors didn't operate - what would happen is that when Straker's car stopped, the camera would zoom in past the door, and the prop-man would then run in and raise it before the shot returned to Straker getting out of the car."

A picture illustrating the resuscitation of a drowning cat. I'm not going to attest to the veracity of the technique. ^_^;

I'll admit, I was somewhat disappointed that Hungary didn't win the Eurovision Song Contest, but, so it goes. I'll simply enjoy some more farmhouse cider from my Györ stein meanwhile.

If you'd like to admire some male figures in variously shiny appareil, Gallery Four is well worth a look.

Via alt.humor.best-of-usenet:

'Even the Police in Liverpool are funny... We were up there on a Derby day
(Everton v Liverpool) and in the Vines (a big atmospheric pub) and just
about to get served at the bar when an almighty fight broke out in the other
bar. There were literally cast iron tables flying through the air...

They shut the pub and people were streaming out with blood on their faces
and at least 6 police cars outside — complete mayhem. As I got to the exit I
asked one of the policemen, "Do you know of any other nice pubs around

Quick as a flash he replied, "What's wrong with this one?"'
{giggles} On Hell House, there isn't much else to do in Cedar Hill, Texas :) The documentary is supposed to be an interesting look at the culture that spawns the Hell House style haunt, though I haven't seen it.

Cute otter, too :)
I'm hoping that folks go along there out of camp value, in which case I could see people actually making a point of catching it, given it's not in the boonies in East Texas.. but I dare say you know the locale rather better than I. ^_^ The IMDb comment on the main entry does indicate the director was given quite complete access to all the preparations, so it ought to be fairly comprehensive. Maybe I'll put it on tonight, with the last three weeks of Doctor Who to balance it out. :) (Been keeping up with the series? I've read particularly positive capsule reviews of the most recent episode, The Empty Child)
Every Halloween, Hell House pops up in the news.

Wonder if you could go in and draw moustaches on all the posters.
Then again, doesn't the classical Satanic image depict him with a rather natty moustache? You might receive free tickets.