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Just a quickie for now, so I can point this out while it's happening: you can see the videos for the various Eurovision Song Contest entrants here, and watch the event live here, now, using RealPlayer. (It's possible there's GeoIP-based blocking, or not)

Okay, you've surely seen this by now - but I'm obliged to highlight him anyway. ^_^ coongt pointed out a red panda who can (briefly) stand upright. One small step for man.. one giant leap for pandakind. [Edit: kinkyturtle was inspired to augment the pic thusly. ^_^ Thanks mycroftb!]

Heh. Not only does Jobs get a Gulfstream, but a special registration: N2N.

You know you're entirely furry when you hear a radio ad for some oil, noting that some anti-wear compounds don't activate until the engine's warm, and wonder why anyone would even want anti-were compounds in the first place.

Via ibneko, some excerpts from Houston police radio:

Oct. 31, 1997 - "Call taker wants you to check on the welfare of a caller
who reports her neighbors are trying to kill her using
super-natural powers, apparently an on-going problem."

Jan. 10, 1998 - "Check on a reckless driver, standing in the sun roof of
his vehicle and driving with his feet."

Unknown Date - "Montgomery, you can place us in service. The building
manager advises us that the unconscious person has left
the scene."

Probably not for the first time, but this approach to computer vision is taking cues from natural vision, with the 1cm^2 visual sensor chip including 16,384 processors, presumably geared towards parallel processor of essential tasks like edge detection and directional motion sensing. "Our basic premise is that nature builds systems very well."

austin_dern, after many family photo albums, "So if I'm going to go to bed rather than answer comments, it's because I've been on a nostalgic trip through the visual equivalent of a Dr Bronner's soap label."
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