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An informed discourse on the joys of British rail service.

Via revar, the results (2.7MB Flash), "Move Your Dead Bones" (not nearly as gruesome as it might sound :) of a vulpine mad scientist combined with a dance track. ^_^ (Aha! mycroftb says it's by zarla)

Some rather cool tail paintwork for Frontier Airlines. eg ocelot, red fox, and raccoon. You can also download three of their TV spots, featuring a rabbit, a penguin quartet, and (briefly) a bear.

Doctor Who viewers in the UK might want to note that Saturday's schedule has it on at 6.30pm, rather than the usual 7pm, to make room for the 50th Eurovision Cheese Festival (8-11.20pm), this year hosted in Kiev. (Streams will apparently be available to those without local coverage)

Some interesting things wash up on the digital beachfront from time to time - most recently, a Czech time travel adventure little known outside its home country, "Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea":

"One morning, Jan Bures (or is it Karel Bures? I forgot which is which :) discovers that his twin brother Karel (Jan?) has choked to death on a bread roll. However, Jan knows what to do - Karel was a pilot for Universum, a time travel agency. So he dresses up as his brother and goes to his brother's job. He soon discovers that his brother was part of a Nazi ploy to hijack a time travel rocket, go to 1944 (when Germany is in trouble) and give Adolf Hitler an A-bomb. Although he can do little to prevent this, the ploy fails - firstly, the hijackers are double-booked with two American tourists, and secondly, they land in 1941 - when German soldiers are threatening to conquer Moscow. When they return, they return before they actually took off (this is Jan's attempt to save his brother by preventing him from suffocating). And things go downhill from there..."

Singing cubic animals. From Japan, naturally. And they'll sing in harmony with each other, too.

Do you recognise this rabbit? I'm trying to discover who the artist is, but there's not even a squiggle of a signature.

(Click for full size image, 18k)

The EU software patents saga rumbles along - this time, swinging back towards sanity, with the new draft saying that "software would only be patentable if it controlled a physical process, or a controllable force of nature."

I'm afraid I know nothing more about this residence beyond what you can see.

And to balance out the tone of this entry, this cautionary tale of a Welsh housewife and her electric underwear.
(Deleted comment)
Ah! I've not actually checked her journal yet. ^_^; Previously, it was just sitting in the nascent entry's file uncredited, aside from my Point of Discovery. (There's no reason why those words should be capitalised, but it seems fitting somehow. More dramatic)

Oh, they didn't download for you? Maybe there's some auto-detection going on - here, they appeared as MPEG-1 files within the QuickTime plugin, which I then saved. Presumably it'd work as well by peeking at the pop-ups' sources for the URLs.

There we go: hangar, penguins, and penguins2. All about 3.5MB each.

Heh! Wonder if said co-worker wants to try Donnie Darko too? *grin*

Trixi Bigfoot? Not ringing any bells.. ~googles~ aahhh, that Trixi! Mm, I could see how one might think that.. I tried googling on the filename, but no luck, needless to say, and variations on the theme probably won't be overly unique. ^_^; Still, quite a new favorite all the same. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ah, to have that sense of tone to be able to sing such harmony.. I dare say the quartet a couple coworkers, myself, and Stauf (of The 11th Hour) sang[1] at one company party wasn't quite up to that grade.

[1] On helium. ^_^

BTW, on the livery front, have you seen EasyCruise? In keeping with the Easy group owner's theme, the dominant color is - well, pretty obvious. (Including the uniforms, it seems!)

Donnie Darko's certainly one of my favorite films, as you may've seen from my user info. Of course, it won't strike everyone the same way, but when I first saw it, I was absorbed completely - even if you disregard the main plot thread, there's simply so much witty, intelligent, and sometimes snarky writing to enjoy, with some excellent casting. The newer director's cut's apparently mostly the same as the original, with most of the deleted scenes as on the original DVD restored, plus a couple alterations in the soundtrack - I've not seen the director's cut, but that'd probably be fine too.