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Do you have crunchy stairs in your house?

If you're within reach of the Mission, craigslist is throwing The Onion Party, featuring writer/DJs from America's Finest News Source. Friday, May 13, free, 10pm onwards.

Not really work-relevant material, although, as it's purely textual, it'd be safe enough. tilton pointed out the Fwapometer. (Yes. It's what you think it is)

A fair variety of music from Tibet, ranging from more traditional works, through to Deep Forest-like fusions.

I thought foofers might appreciate this wrought iron dragon pic.

Recommended beer for the day: Young's Special London Ale. A rich tawny color, hinting at the malty richness within, with the bottle conditioning lending the hoppiness something of a mellow cask nature.

I was quite tickled to notice, on Play's pre-order page for the first new Doctor Who DVD (eps. 1-3 for £11, May 16), their offer of a 4' inflatable dalek for £30. ^_^ And speaking of which, the BBC has a Flash game up, The Last Dalek, in the spirit of the old Ultimate isometric perspective titles. You, of course, play the dalek. Yay!

The top ten reasons for a crunchy stairwell.
10. Crunchy stairs.
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