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(This entry's soundtrack available here - 8.7MB)

If you're looking for some bedtime reading, the BBC's made eight Doctor Who books available, free, as printer-friendly HTML. ("Femdroids! Warrior tortoises! Zombie managers! K9 for president!" How can you go wrong?)

Amidst Penny Arcade's Tycho on furry porn, I noticed that Phil Foglio's steampunk Girl Genius is now a webcomic, updated Mon/Wed/Fri.

myDVDEdit's homepage (of sorts) includes a surprisingly intelligible explanation of the DVD format.

A brief outline of ATi's multi-card rendering system, imaginatively referred to as "Multi Video Processing".

"The state board of education in Kansas plans to hold hearings in May on the "intelligent design" theory of the origin of English": "Anyone who takes an unbiased look at the intricacies of the English language as detailed in Harvey's English Grammar will see that it shows evidence of having been carefully designed for its communicative purpose. It is beyond belief that such a system could have simply evolved through random processes of change."

In the drawings corner, Deals on the Web's offering a 400GB FW/USB2 drive; enter once a day, drawing on May 31.

O.o How to toilet-train your cat.

Boy finds live 2' corn snake on opening a box of cereal: 'Ms Willett, who was eating breakfast with her son at the time, said she first thought the snake was a free gift.'

Idle musing that about eight people in the world will get - what might a crossover between Yakitate Japan and Kogepan be like?

Good news, everyone! US air travel's set to become even safer: "In a few weeks, the Transportation Security Administration will notify airlines, travel agents and online reservation systems that they will be required to ask travelers for their legal names and birth dates when booking domestic flights.

Travelers will be encouraged - but not required - to give the personal information. Under the current system, only a last name and first initial are needed to reserve a flight. Passengers who don't comply with the request will dramatically increase their chances of being stopped at airports for questioning or pat-downs, TSA assistant administrator Justin Oberman said." (I do so like that final sentence)

In an encouraging turn of events, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the broadcast flag requirement, as recently mandated by the FCC. 'The broadcast flag rule would have required all signal demodulators to "recognize and give effect to" a broadcast flag, forcing them not to record or output an unencrypted high-def digital signal if the flag were set.'

And finally, from the Unfortunate Logo Department, this design for the Institute of Oriental Studies in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Surely it's work safe? ^_^ [Edit: sadly, the site has just gone "under construction".. but with the wonders of the web, another copy can be seen here]
(Deleted comment)
I think I'm going to have to try navigating their site, and find out if they have t-shirts available. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Agh! Rats, so it has. *giggle*

Mercifully, with the wonder of the web, I was able to locate another copy here, so I'll update the entry accordingly.

Still, nothing to say one couldn't make up some unofficial Mark 1 shirts.. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
I'm eager to see what the Mark II version of the logo looks like. Probably something much less entertaining.. ^_^
"The state board of education in Kansas plans to hold hearings in May on the "intelligent design" theory of the origin of English":

The utter arrogance of this is beyond belief. English was created by God, so someone could translate the Bible into it? How in the world can anyone belive in that crap?
"Six years ago, when conservatives previously held a majority of seats on the Kansas board of education, they established guidelines encouraging schools to give equal time to the theory of linguistic creationism, which claims that English was created directly by God five hundred years ago at the start of the Great Vowel Shift so that the King James Bible could be translated into it."

*giggle* I wouldn't take it too seriously. Not yet, anyway. :)

It's a spoof, hehe. Have you seen the articles on the Kansas evolution hearings?

Heh, at first glance, I didn't realize it was a joke either... mostly because stupid crap like this really is the next logical step from where the evangelicals now stand. =:P
Sadly so.. I'm almost beginning to wonder if that Creationist Science Fair page (the original appears to be down) may yet come to reality in the US. It's a stern reminder that the Scopes affair really wasn't all that long ago, and some would seek to quench that illuminating beacon of reason.

(And then there's that bizarre excommunication of church members in North Carolina who didn't vote for Bush..)

(And then there's that bizarre excommunication of church members in North Carolina who didn't vote for Bush..)

Ah, those wacky North Carolina Baptists, and Haywood County is particulary wacky anyway ;-) A few years ago, three Baptist churches in my one-time home of Jackson County (which is the county next to Haywood County on the west) were thrown out of the main Southern Baptist Assembly because one church dared to put a woman into a co-minister position, and the other two were thrown out because they supported the actions of the first church. And over in Buncombe County (next to Haywood on the east), they've had instances of members of a particularly conservative Baptist church standing outside other, more moderate Baptist churches on Sunday mornings holding up protest signs and screaming insults and "You're all going to hell!" to the moderate Baptists as they went in to/came out of their Sunday services...
Ye gods and little fishes.. that's quite a surreal image indeed. Two groups of churchgoers, of the same basic religion, and even the same major branch.. but, I suppose it's in religious politics as in geographical politics - it's the neighbors who often seem to have the greatest degree of enmity. ^_^;
It's a spoof, hehe.

Oh. Well now I feel stupid. But nothing like that would surprise me anymore, either.
(Deleted comment)
It's a wonderful parody, ne? All the better for being so nearly plausible.. I must congratulate the author. ^_^

English definitely is one of the most byzantine languages - not surprising, of course, given how it came about, with some roots in the Romance languages, some in the old Teutonic tongues, a smattering of Gaelic, and boatloads of imports; of which one usenet sage once wrote, "English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other
languages down dark alleys, beats them unconscious and rifles their pockets for
loose vocabulary."

Which all lends the language quite unparalleled flexibility of expression. (By contrast, as you've probably noticed, Japanese has far few specific words for, say, "idiot" - there, it all springs from the context, and the intonation of "baka")

I was terribly disappointed to see they're working on the site, for some reason. ^_^ Thankfully, teh intarweb came up with another copy someone had saved earlier.
Learned a statistic a few days ago: English has retained only 66.8% of its vocabulary over the past 1000 years, which basically means that (since the 1000-year marker puts us after the start of the Danelaw) fully a third of the words in our language come from French, Latin, Greek, and various other sources.

Now compare that to Icelandic, which has retained 97.3% of its vocabulary over the same period of time. Personally I find that even more mindboggling... I mean, yes, it's one of the more remote countries in the world, but it was a Viking/Norwegian/Danish possession for so long that you'd think the mainland languages would have had some effect on it....
Good grief.. whilst I could've believed English might have an even lower percentage, the Icelandic figure's simply striking. Are there any such tables available somewhere, I wonder? I'm wondering how some other languages have faired - German's gone through quite a few upheavals in its time, with the various root tribes rising in importance, migrating, invading.. but I'd gingerly guess the number to be more in the region of 80%.
*g* Look again at the Unfortunate Logo page... someone must have told them. ^_^

And speaking as a linguistics student, ACK! That Kansas thing scared the hell out of me before I read the text that accompanied your link! I was like, "oh, beautiful, the crackpots have infiltrated MY discipline too!" But then I read the text and clicked on the link, and I was quite amused. ^_^ I'm not all that fond of Geoffrey Pullum, but he does have some fascinating posts.
See, I was spared some of the surprise, as the link I originally followed tagged it as "humorous". Being me, I wanted to preserve the full juiciness of the posting, so I selected a passage that would serve to illustrate it, whilst giving something of a hint. Evil panda. ^_^

Whilst the Coral cache didn't have a copy of the logo, a quick googling on the filename turned up someone else's copy - entry updated accordingly. I wonder how long it'll be before we start seeing such t-shirts on sale at flea markets and bazaars? :)

(And this time I made sure to save a copy locally)

'Nuff said.

Curiously enough, there's another in my latest entry. ^_^ You can see some of the original photos here)

Holy shit!!
She's creeping me out!

*giggle* It's not just that the expression's all but identical in each, but the expression itself, like someone who's heard the entire Doom Song.
Unfortunate Logo Department

The moral of the story is never p*ss off web developers or graphic designers! Or they may show visually where you can stick their job!

A useful addendum to the maxim of never piss off people handling or preparing your food.. ^_^

(I wonder what the new site logo will look like? Probably something excrutiatingly bland - a generic skyline or other touristy photo, maybe)