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I've yet to catch the H2G2 movie - but, whether you have or not, maybe these words on the matter will help furnish context. I'll be seeing it. ^_^

Do any of yon Rabbiteering folks have camcorders? I'd certainly be up for seeing more lapine video footage. (I'm afraid I'm not presently equipped for good quality capturing or DV importing, though. My humble PC Card only affords 320x240/352x288. On which note, maybe I should get around to some more editing - but what? More zoo footage, the fabled Widge and Red Go To The Neighborhood Park, or some of the Australasian amblings? Go on, give me a nudge)

Hopefully that news story image last time didn't slow anyone down - I noticed the original was slightly larger than I'd prefer, at 16k, so I shrunk it to a little over 5k, which ought to've been fine for all connections.

Tiger's "highlight a word and provide its dictionary definition" feature appears to be quite comprehensive. ^_^

Want a Moog action figure? Yours for only 3,200¥.

I'm not quite sure whether this picture counts as "safe for work" or not, so, maybe it's best to err on the side of caution. (Easily amused, remember?)

I can now confirm that whilst clamshell iBooks (the tangerine and blueberry models) are not supported with the advent of Tiger, and won't install on them normally, if you create a suitable disk image using Carbon Copy Cloner, or just by paw, using a series of ditto commands at the shell of your choice, transfer that image over, and restore from it, it does work perfectly. (I've also read of similar success with a Lombard, and an XPostFacto-assisted installation on a Wallstreet) Like, w00tness, dude. ^_^
Hmm.. not a keyboardist but I fancy that Moog action figure. I have a thing for the word 'moog'.
It's a wonderfully mellifluous sound. It's the audio equivalent of really good milk chocolate, like Ghirardelli. ^_^ (And I love the way he's got a minimoog too :)
I'm afriad I left the cinema feeling quite sick after the Hitchikers movie. But then I am a big fan of the original, so I was bound to.
Mr Adams would be most put out, I suspect, given how much of his work the new portions are. ;) But I'll certainly award them a black mark or two (still not having seen it - possibly tonight) for apparently dropping the full "Well, the lights had probably gone." "So had the stairs." exchange, which seems inexplicable to me, if true.
Widge? Is that a rat? (If so, you can consider this a nudge.)
*grin* Yepyep! Here he is. ^_^ (Don't you just love the eyes? Unfortunately a bit awkward, apparently, as they're prone to fogging up - but, suffering for one's art, and all that :)
Love the links. Fun to follow, not knowing what will smile back at you.

Don't have Tiger yet, waiting until my work buys it so i can bring it home.
*grin* All part of the magic of the net.. every day, I'm in awe of just what a vast repository of knowledge, gossip, and fun the net is. And how international, of course - hop on a torrent, and you'll routinely see folks from all around the world, linked together for a little while. And all for a very modest (generally) flat monthly fee, too. It's wonderful. ^_^

I think Tiger may prove quite a significant milestone for Apple, in no small part because of Spotlight. Even with the very simple front end provided, it's proving highly useful; and the same underlying metadata mechanics provide "smart folders". (The Ars Technica review goes into (much!) more detail - the means are there to construct much more complex logical queries via Spotlight, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a widget pop up offering such soon) Still, I can only partially comment, really, as it's only on the iBook, whereas my main machine's my ol' Wallstreet, and that requires XPostFacto to get 10.3 or later up. I'd noticed a couple reports on the XPF forum noting success, but I didn't manage it on Wednesday night. Might give it another shot over the weekend, though I may just take the easy way out and wait for XPF to be updated. Maybe if I leave a DIMM under my pillow one night, the PowerBook Fairy will visit..
(Deleted comment)
Oh, cool beans! Whose emulator's that? You could always see if rabitguy can offer hints and tips on the care and feeding of such.

I'd love to have a real 70s synth. (Or two, or three..) And a theremin. ^_^
(Deleted comment)