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Growling! (The nice sort)

I've yet to catch the H2G2 movie - but, whether you have or not, maybe these words on the matter will help furnish context. I'll be seeing it. ^_^

Do any of yon Rabbiteering folks have camcorders? I'd certainly be up for seeing more lapine video footage. (I'm afraid I'm not presently equipped for good quality capturing or DV importing, though. My humble PC Card only affords 320x240/352x288. On which note, maybe I should get around to some more editing - but what? More zoo footage, the fabled Widge and Red Go To The Neighborhood Park, or some of the Australasian amblings? Go on, give me a nudge)

Hopefully that news story image last time didn't slow anyone down - I noticed the original was slightly larger than I'd prefer, at 16k, so I shrunk it to a little over 5k, which ought to've been fine for all connections.

Tiger's "highlight a word and provide its dictionary definition" feature appears to be quite comprehensive. ^_^

Want a Moog action figure? Yours for only 3,200¥.

I'm not quite sure whether this picture counts as "safe for work" or not, so, maybe it's best to err on the side of caution. (Easily amused, remember?)

I can now confirm that whilst clamshell iBooks (the tangerine and blueberry models) are not supported with the advent of Tiger, and won't install on them normally, if you create a suitable disk image using Carbon Copy Cloner, or just by paw, using a series of ditto commands at the shell of your choice, transfer that image over, and restore from it, it does work perfectly. (I've also read of similar success with a Lombard, and an XPostFacto-assisted installation on a Wallstreet) Like, w00tness, dude. ^_^
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