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(Just a quick little peachnugget for the moment, to preclude a more momentous movement later on)

Via avon_deer, a fun Flash starring British party leaders: The Uncredibles. ^_^

Car lands in top floor of house: 'Police are investigating exactly how the car managed to "take off" from street level and crash into the house in Basingstoke, Hants, on Wednesday.'

Contrary to my expectations, the music videos (not much of a selection, unfortunately) on the iTMS aren't streamed, just plain downloads within the QT plugin. Saving's disabled, predictably; but using the cryptically named SaveITMSVideo script, that's easily worked around. It's a tiny AppleScript, which then makes itself available in the Script menu in iTunes.

The reason I was interested in locating something like that was the appearance of the video for Feel Good Inc, from the new Gorillaz album, Demon Days. Not an exceptional video, but worth a peek anyway. (The large version is 48MB) Just go to the main QuickTime page, and the video's link is in the left column.

And I'd not thought of checking there for Moby's "Beautiful", but there it is too.. ^_^ (Still only 15fps, encoded as 29.97, but the same 200K/s bit budget as above; 38MB) Hafta get my old link updated. ^_^

Ye gods, but having an ssh tunnel into one's home tree and channeling VNC from a free, public WiFi node is geekishly fun. It's positively daft to VNC from that gateway to another system on the LAN and view that within the first VNC session. Hee! (Yes, I'm easily amused)
Hehehe! Oh, if only there were audio records of the result. ^_^

Still, I suppose there must be a fair few Strowgers in use around the world - so, such fun must yet await nascent hackers in the prototechnologic nations. (I did actually have the privilege of touring one, in use. I think it was something to do with Dad having complained about the bill maybe not reflecting the day/evening rate switchover accurately, so they showed us around by way of explaining how it all worked. Very cool. And yes, the time switchover was the result of a slow geared motor, like an electromechanical household heating timer, flipping a switch at the correct points of the 24 hour day. Chunkity-chunk, whirrrrrrrcliklicklick everywhere.. ^_^)