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Only a step in the right direction, but, a welcome move - "A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California cleared an Assembly committee Tuesday despite arguments that it violates a gay marriage ban approved by voters five years ago. The 6-3 vote by the Assembly Judiciary Committee marked the first test for the measure, which would amend the state family code to define marriage as between "two persons" instead of between a man and a woman."

Sounds like Warner Brothers have been hearing something of a protest regarding the Loonatics: 'Warner Bros. Entertainment spokesman Scott Rowe said his company wants the thousands of fans upset by the made-over characters unveiled in February to know "that's NOT all, folks." Those "early drawings" have been revised into characters that are softer and less menacing, he said.' (What, like, say.. the originals?)

If you live in Hong Kong, you can now subscribe to a symmetric 1Gbps service, for $215/mo. (If money's tight, there's also 100Mbps and 10Mbps services at $34 and $16) So, transferring a DVD would take under a minute.

If the US had the same population density as Singapore, the former's population would be around 60,522,638,806.

Agh, I missed a recent release of VLC! It sports many UI tweaks, as you can see.

Hm.. seems HP's wanting to transition to smaller drives, much as the industry moved from 5.25" a while back. "The new [10,000rpm] 2.5-inch hard disk drives were developed by Fujitsu, Hitachi, and Seagate, and will be used by HP in upcoming ProLiant server and storage products".
plastic beads to wrapped pallets That sounds like fun!

I have a FM transmitter, that i was going to use in the car, think i'll use a wire its only 2 metres away as the crow flies, i had a 4 individual screened wire going round the room, but it doesn't work! An optical lead goes from the DVD player to the back of my cd-player/ cd writer as it goes! And i had a lead from the amp to the cable set top box. The bit of garden wire wrapped round the tv resender over the curtain rail and on top the 1950's decca TV is of course a piece of useless info.