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From the social experimentation labs of San Francisco comes this craigslist entry, regarding.. dating. It's not entirely work-safe, but it is a wonderful insight. ^_^

Of Wim Wenders' Tokyo-ga : he "had been influenced from an early age by Ozu's work, and he decided to go to Japan while in the middle of making Paris, Texas. During the break in the making of the film in Los Angeles, Wim boarded a 747 and flew across the Pacific to Tokyo, a place he had never been to before". That appeals to me.

Seen plenty of Half-Life casemods? How about Project Bender instead? ^_^

By way of rabitguy, a comprehensive, unofficial guide to the DVD format.

And if you're within reach of the Bullring in Birmingham, the Reg notes the Apple Store's opening at 6pm on the 29th, for Tiger's launch. "Apple is offering a Digital Lifestyle Collection prize draw. There's a 20in-screen iMac up for grabs with a stack of peripherals, together worth £2,145. Scratchcards will be handed out too, offering visitors the chance to win notebooks, iPods and other prizes. And the first 1,500 folk through the door will take home a commemorative T-shirt, Apple said."

And the second part of the Doctor Who "Aliens of London" story must count as.. well, I believe the technical term is "stonking".

Mmm. Taramasalata and Bavarian ham makes a really good sandwich combination.
Ooh, I should do that. There's no way I'd remember such random queries by myself (I am but a panda of very little brain).. back in the Bay, I always had my 'book (then, Bunny, my erstwhile Wallstreet - bought in September 1998, and still going strong, now running OS X 10.3.9! It's my main net.machine these days, with Ocelot relegated to gateway duty now, in the absence of power reaching its backlight - it runs the USB DSL modem, sharing the connection to Bunny over ethernet, and to Dormouse over 802.11b, and runs a sane set of ipfw firewall rules, plus acting as general video playback and compression dogsbody and BitTorrent gopher) and Ricochet connection, so I was online wherever I happened to be, including the Magnolia Cafe. Being in the heart of the Upper Haight, I once had someone from an adjacent table ask about something on the Grateful Dead's site, which then brought in someone from another table into the conversation. ^_^

(Ricochet used to offer a flat-rate wireless service for $30/mo for ca.28kbps, later upgraded to ca.128kbps for $70/mo. Even at the latter rate, I couldn't resist - and indeed, my home then was close to a repeater, so I saw around 20K/s. I wound up using it as my primary connection, with the poor ol' PacHell DSL left for just big transfers. Sadly, they died in 2001, and the new owners, Aerie Networks, haven't progressed beyond reactivating San Diego and Denver)

I'm of the mind that "google" is now a verb, and requires no capitalisation. ^_^ Wonder when it'll enter the OED? (Ooh, I wonder if that's on DVD now? The old school library had the full 13-or-so volume Oxford English Dictionary, and it was just fascinating to wander through randomly, being almost an encyclopedia and thesaurus too. Of course, if I were to discover the Grzimek animal reference on DVD, or even just Walker's mammals, I'd be liable to squeal with joy :) Hmm. Maybe that could be a good mediawiki project.. ^_^