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Via momentrabbit: hail the mighty Radiophonatron!

Say hello to Darth Mickey.

W00T! New yaoi (or shounen-ai?) - and furry, too! Based on the manga, JC Staff presents Loveless. Catboys, yay! (Eep! From the AnimeSuki forum thread: "In the world of Loveless, everyone (female & male) is born with cat ears. They lose the animal ears when they lose their virginity.") Well, having seen the first episode, courtesy of We Suck, I'll happily offer my recommendation: it's one of the most aesthetically appealing anime I've seen, with genuine artistry in the visual designs, and a correspondingly enchanting soundtrack. It's beautiful.

Thanks to digeri for rediscovering a strip I'd found and lost a couple years ago: Leisure Town. (The stories aren't safe for work) sphelx might get a kick out of it.. and spurred by that, I actually managed to find another strip I'd lost - Life on Forbez. (It has quite a lengthy backstory, so it'd definitely be best to start at the beginning)

Feeling like you've spent too much time with Cat-5 wiring?

And for my viewing enjoyment later today: Turkish Star Wars. It looks.. memorable. Though patch_bunny assures me better is yet to come, in the form of The Three Tramps in the War of the Planets, this time from Brazil. CHEESE AHOY!
? Not too sure what you're asking there.
Around the campus, we have PCs (the majority), UNIX (Sun systems), Linuxes, and Macs. The Macs are the only ones with Firewire (and the only ones with built-in HTFS+ support - both which are quired in order for me to use my external HD, which has all of my data.)
As for connecting laptops in the labs, you're not supposed to do it, but I can plug into anywhere, as long as I have access to one computer - then I can pull up the local IP range and gateway settings, as well as the MAC address to clone. And while they could stop me, most people won't bother (I hope.). So no, it's not really a "Touch And You Die" sort of thing.

If you were refering to watching anime in general in the labs, I know they don't mind - the people who watch the labs are often reading manga or watching naruto.. I've caught several people, several times now.

Meh, we don't have a local yaoi group either, I guess. Although, speaking of that, are you going to be participating in the National Day of Silence?

(...wha...? =O.o= )