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Good grief.. some of you may recall the name of Bill Rebane, who brought The Giant Spider Invasion to the world. He's back, making "The UFO File".

Via rabitguy: some photos of BunnyJam 2005, last weekend. And taken by the bunny hisself, even more! (Lots of inline images, so be prepared if you're on dialup) And as he notes, neonbunny has made his set available for download (108MB), if you'd like to instill the appropriate aural mood for the photos. ^_^

And I thought huskyteer might like a look over here.. ^_^ Or, in the realm of three-dimensional media, there are these striking, emotive hare sculptures.

As for episode two of Doctor Who: brilliant. Classic Who, through and through, with more than a bit of a nod to Mr Adams' restaurant. (And those following Onmyou Taisenki might like to hear Ryuu-Rogue have the second episode out now, along with ep.7 of Damekko Doubutsu)

And, as it's mandatory that all net.users post at least one cat photo per year, Cat and Buddha. How's that for a piece of photographic composition? (Not my work, or cat - just something I noticed while rummaging through Friends of Friends postings)
Bunny Jam?
Rabitguy's review sums it up well - essentially, a really well-natured, thoroughly furry rave, with everyone Strongly Encouraged to be suitably lapine, even if with just some bunny ears. ^_^ I'm surprised there's not been more talk of it amongst the local furs, but then, sometimes it's difficult getting the San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara lot as far as Fremont, let alone Oakland. :)
Whee! I just downloaded a 108-megabyte mp3 in less than five minutes! Oh high-speed college connection, how I missed you! =;D

And those hare sculptures are amazing... perhaps a bit creepy, but that's because they truly look alive.
Does a cat have Buddha-nature?
I think you're on to something here. Whatever is given to them is given freely, without imposition, and perpetual serenity.. on the other paw, one might also look into the trees, and witness the eternal calm of the red panda. (But I think red pandas generally tend to be more Taoist in nature)
> And I thought huskyteer might like a look over here

My my, what a handsome fellow he is!
I understand he appeared in that Goldfrapp video, too.
I didn't like the 2nd ep of who, i don't like cgi. I think it was a nod and a wink to many, but i like who because of the plot, the story.

I look forward to the 2 parters later in the series thought :)

Oh, I adore CGI. ^_^ But that's not why I enjoyed "The End of the World" - I more enjoyed the simple notion of what the end of the world might actually be like. It's that sort of imagination, whatever the actual accuracy of the story that results, which I enjoy. So often, SF writers (and certainly, nobody would claim Who is hard Sci-Fi - nor am I) will chicken out, when presented with vast possibilities, like some mysterious device with the power to reshape the world - it'll be destroyed, on the grounds of its technology being too advanced to deal with, or otherwise disposed from the plot. I'd much rather see what would happen. ^_^

(Shame that poor maintenance worker turned out to be wearing an infrared shirt, though)

You actively disike CG? Presumably, that discounts anything Pixar immediately, let alone Babylon 5?

Now to watch ep.3 - The Unquiet Dead - which finished downloading overnight. ^_^
I quite like CGI animation, saw Robots at the Imax with Kuma a few weeks back and Valiant with Kuma today at a local flea pit.

Its just when cgi is used as the only point of watching something i complain! Wow aren't the special effects amazing... A real turn off to me.

The Unquiet Dead more a gothic drama, like middle Tom Baker, perhaps Weng Chang? Much better than eps 1 and 2 , but id be interersted in what you think ? Still think 1 eps stories are a bit of a mistake!
Robots I've still yet to decide whether I should go for.. I may, but I'm not certain about the quality of the writing. On the other paw, the visuals certainly seem up to snuff. Trouble is, if I went into town, I'd likely wind up at the Chapter anyway.. ^_^ (I need to get along there again sometime - it's been too long)

Ooh, Valiant looks like one I could go for! Maybe I'll see if there's an actual sunny day sometime, and make a day of it - while away an hour or two in the arboretum, see Valiant, wander around the concealed arcades, and wind up at said cinematic emporium for some randomly wondrous visual offering and excellent cask ale. Not the worst combination. ^_^

(Hmm. Maybe Maria, Full of Grace..)

Definitely, ep.3 had the strongest storyline beneath. (When the apparition began swooping around the theater, I couldn't help but hear Ray Parker Jr kicking in :) I'm not sure about the self-contained stories.. I think I actually prefer the lack of cliffhangers, with a whole week until the next episode. 45 mins is a good length, too - enough time to really get into the story, without having it yanked away again. But, nothing wrong with an episodic format - worked well enough in Queer as Folk, after all. Though I admit, I did cheat there - I was only introduced to the series by way of the DVD release. ^_^ (Very good transfer, but why the lack of anamorphic encoding? Hey ho)

Seen any of the new Captain Scarlet yet, btw? I'm wondering if they have an overall story arc in mind, or at least elements of persistent continuity. Still, great fun regardless.. a particularly good episode this week, I thought, if on the melodramatic side - but that did make for a beautiful ending.
(Deleted comment)
But as Dronon mulled - are not cats the very embodiment of Buddha? (Well, cats, or maybe red pandas :)