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I decided I'd brave sampling of the peppered cola I initiated a little while back, adding two slitted bird's eye peppers to a 2l bottle of cheap diet cola. Opening the cap, there wasn't much presence of the peppers at all - so when I raised the glass, I was a touch surprised by the quite imposing scent it afforded. However, I went ahead anyway. ^_^ And it's actually really rather good! It's essentially a slightly angry ginger ale, rather than being hot as such. I may have to experiment further, and see if I can come up with an analogue of Brain Wash, a drink I enjoyed back at the Zanzibar Cafe a few times, in my San Diegan incarnation. It's a carbonated soft drink, with capsaicin, three types of ginseng, plenty of caffeine, and enough red or blue food coloring to dye one's tongue, and effects beyond. *cough*

Wandering along the riverside (if squirrels only knew how cute they were..), I couldn't help but be struck by how comparatively effortlessly the swans moved. Rather than the rapid swimming of the various species of duck, the swans had enough momentum that just a single leg flap every few seconds was enough to keep them gliding along, even against the wind. (Seeing them land is quite something, too!)

Into the library, and picked up Tom Holt's "Only Human", and Stanislaw Lem's "Solaris". Took a peer around the DVDs, but with enough of a backlog already, I chose to leave them for another time (the DVDs and such aren't free, but way less than any commercial offerings). I was intrigued by "Divine Intervention", though, and "Japon" might be worth a viewing. I was amused to see a copy of Happy Tree Friends there too.. not my style of humor, but yes, they do have quite a diverse choice. ^_^

And the latest issue of the "what's on locally" guide has an utterly adorable portrait photo of a very fluffy fox, which I may have to scan at some point.

And the housemate snagged some bargain five-spice marinated chicken legs for dinner (chicken legs? I remarked they must've been getting a little too friendly with the turkeys), and some very promising bottles of wine, which will doubtless be the subject of future investigation, especially the Errazuriz 2001 Syrah.
*chuckles* Ok....peppered cola...why? Not enough kick for you in it's original form. ;)
*grin* It was a genuinely spontaneous thing. Something just flit between my neurons and suggested it'd be fun to see what would happen if I did this. Amazingly, I've survived this long even with that attitude, though one place did receive a tiny scorch on the carpet where some minor electronics project didn't hold up as well as it might. And despite my fiddling around with TVs, I always had quite thorough respect for the stray kilovolts lurking around - CRTs, like daleks, don't really need warning labels.

Fascinating bit in Scientific American this week, too, about how genetics is receiving quite a shake-up, in light of the growing recognition that, contrary to the prevailing school of thought for the past 25 years, DNA sequences which don't encode proteins can indeed still be critical in function - the 98% so-called "junk" DNA may be, in part, far from that.
Don't forget that test-tube of Gabbit Juice I gave you when you lived in that house in San Jose...

Ye gods! I don't I could even if I tried. ^_^ That was bizarre stuff.. quite neat, actually.

I wonder how a little vanilla essence would go with the pepper-cola?