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Eep! Christopher Eccleston, apparently fearing being typecast, will be leaving the role of the Doctor after only one season. I'm really disappointed by that, as I felt he had a nicely manic edge - a bit like a hard-boiled Ford Prefect. ^_^ In better news for the show, they've confirmed there'll be a Christmas special, and have commissioned a further season of another thirteen episodes. (With the series already in the can, does that mean they'll work a regeneration into said special?)

No storyline to it, but it's a fun bit of Flash animation, presenting a furry team of motorbike riders: Tail Chasers (2.5MB).

Billmon is back. ^_^ As funny, incisive and snarky a US political weblog as you could hope for, it's quite a breath of fresh air.

The Paper Tiger makes some observations on the impact of US consumerism, if embraced by as large a nation as China, as its economic influence waxes.

avon_deer pointed out an intriguing site, noting the disused Underground: "There are about 40 abandoned stations on the Underground network along its entire 255 miles (408 km) of trackway - some subsurface and some above ground. Some have vanished without trace whereas others are almost intact, grimey time capsules of the era when they were closed."

(Whilst some are just grimy :) The site includes maps of where these ex-stations are, and how they appear today.

The Register continues to live up to its tech tabloid roots, with the memorable headline, "UK street scum face wrath of shouting lamppost"; which reminded them of the effectiveness of such methods in a heist of 60 CCTV cameras:

'"This was a seriously sophisticated system. There are cameras hooked up to a central office in Blackburn. If the men watching the screens see a burglar they send a message out on loudspeakers to the office warning them to leave."

In this case, however, the "seriously sophisticated system" failed when the light-fingered ne'er-do-wells simply ignored the message and pilfered the kit regardless. In fact, the only effect of the amplified deterrent was to convince an old lady next door that she had heard the voice of God "telling her, in a strong Lancashire accent, to leave the vicinity as soon as possible"'

Whilst I haven't had the opportunity to indulge in the game - a refreshing note in an arena burgeoning with first-person shooters - I have finally heard the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. Superbly off-kilter, spanning a bizarre range of styles and genres - highly recommended.

Apparently, Damekko Doubutsu translates, more or less, to "Useless Animals". Wonderful little show, even if but 26 5-minute episodes, and seemingly red pandaless. Speaking of which, episode 6 is now out. ^_^ (And it's perhaps my favorite so far.. !)
Ooh, that reminds me - there's also a DVD version of their newest album! slycat mentioned having it, and seemed pretty content with it, even if it'll be a good while before they can surpass the video for Nice Weather for Ducks, an absolute classic. (Shimmying squirrels and backflipping rats, yay!)

And apparently Katamari Damacy's sequel is on the way.. hm. Would KD be playable on a PSP? Not that that's something I need to worry about just yet, but it does look like an appealing toy, especially being able to play back MPEG-4 video, even if it does seem to need rubbing in secret herbs and spices first - but there are various bits of shareware out already to handle things like video and audio syncing and transfer to a PSP. And with 512MB cards available fairly cheaply.. still, would be nice to see UMD-R drives released, though I dare say Sony's wanting to keep that format strictly to itself. (Either way, a pretty spiffy bit of tech)