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A Flash environment: Hapland. Click away, and see what happens. :) (If you get completely stuck, yes, yes, there's a walkthrough) The aim is to light the torches on the wheel to the right.. how you do that, of course, is another matter. There are a few solutions, but there are also quite a few dead-ends, from which you'll need to start again. It's dangerously intriguing; the creator will be familiar to some.

A rather nice Easter card, circa 1913, courtesy of World O'Crap. And Rapid T Rabbit noticed these mannequins in Saks 5th Avenue.. or maybe a polygonal bunny? And finally, one from Walt Disney himself. ^_^

tursi reminded me that there may yet be some poor souls who've not yet experienced the video game retail joy that is Acts of Gord. Unmissable.

Well, it looks like the good Doctor prevailed.. "Unofficial overnight figures show the programme got an average of 9.9 million viewers - 43.2% of all viewers - with a peak of 10.5 million viewers, a 44.3% share of the audience. [...] The Time Lord's comeback was pitted against Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV1, featuring England captain David Beckham as a special guest. It attracted 7.2m viewers [31.4% share], peaking at 8.5m."
(And momentrabbit might like to note there'll be sonic screwdrivers in the stores before long :)

Perhaps not surprisingly, reviews have been positive. ^_^ Even the Financial Times offered, "The new show looks better than anyone dared to hope. Fast, funny, scary and beautifully acted, it manages to be vibrant and fresh to appeal to a new audience while remaining utterly faithful to the spirit of the old show." (Is the FT really allowed to use the word "zingy"?)

Temporary video fun for the day is Tim Hope's "The Wolfman" (11.7MB MPEG-4), which also formed the basis of a PS2 title of the same name, the TV spot for which can be found here (3.8MB MPEG-1). The style's a little reminiscent of an elaborate version of Parappa the Rapper, with the characters 2D within a 3D world; the writing.. well, it's only a six minute short, but it's dry, humorous, and dark. They're entirely unlike each other, but if you enjoyed The Company of Wolves (and if you've not seen that, I'd highly recommend it), this might also appeal.

Oh, zrath! I finally did get the Olympics opening ceremonies off to you, along with the first few episodes of the new series of Captain Scarlet, and some other bits and pieces of no conceivable interest. ^_^

David Byrne's set up his own net.radio station. The front page's playlist gives you a good idea of the range of music, from Thelonious Monk to Outkast.

If the weather continues to misbehave, maybe mycroftb can make the best of it this way. ^_^

A curious piece of video editing: Working Title, composed of title frames from.. a few movies. (Okay, now count them :)

Ars Technica took a look at their browser stats since the start of 2005, and finds what other sites are reporting - IE falling, Firefox rising, and Mac usage above the few percent often quoted as market share. In this case, IE has shifted from 38 to 30% since September 2004; the panda browser figure's a little muddy, as they could only determine "Mozilla" at the time, then at 31%, with Firefox now seeing 40%. Apparently, in 2001, IE was at just under 80%. (And poor OmniWeb at 7%! Ah well) Of Mac users (17%), 10% are on Safari, the balance mostly devotees of the red panda browser.

Now to try catching up on the past few days of LiveJournal.. ^_^;
There was a sonic screwdriver! Did you blink or something?
Eep! Where? When? (If it's been promoted on commercial TV, that'll ensure I've never seen it.. when in the UK, I've not actually been lured by ITV in years. Channel 4 sings some seductive melodies, but they swallowed the Big Brother pill.. on the other paw, they do help fund the occasional noteworthy cinematic production, such as The Motorcycle Diaries)
(You'll note I said "stores", in the plural :)
Doh, I completely missed the 'in the stores' bit of that sentence and thought you simply meant in the episode. Sorry. However kowarth, who Knows All, seconds the rumour of a real actual version you can buy coming soon.

I want one !
(Deleted comment)
An interesting observation.. certainly, I'm more drawn to dry, or deadpan humor - a good example being, say, the recent BBC series, "Look Around You". (Originally, it was more of a pastiche of 1970s Open University shows, narrated in a very dry manner - but, I'll admit, fascinating - whilst the second season went more towards general "schools programming", in order to accommodate the half-hour format, compared to the ten minute segments of the first season)

The essence of the comedy doesn't need to be highlighted, else it's akin to explaining the joke, or, worse yet, adding sound effects to some "funny video" sent in by a viewer.

Which is not to say over the top hyperbole doesn't have its place too. :) (Though, in a political context, I'm finding myself drawn in more by Billmon than The Rude Pundit.
A curious piece of video editing: Working Title

Great, now every old movie I watch from now on will look vaguely familiar as soon as I see the title sequence. ;-)

My nipples explode with delight!
I finally get to look up Bjork's dress!
(Well, so does everyone what was at the Olympics opening ceremony...)
Thanks for the stuff, Porsy-Baby, I shall watch me mailbox like a Terrahawk (HAR!).

I'm glad things are going well for The Doctor.
Maybe someone will bring him over to US TVs.

And speaking of Firefox vs IE, we had something interesting happen to the website my brother and I run.
In January, there was a sudden shift in the website statistics.
We got something like 500 hits almost overnight, and if the statistics don't lie,
mostly from Canadians using Firefox. It totally skewed our usual stats!
I still can't explain what happened. There's nothing we did to the website to cause this.