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If anyone's been trying to reach the site in the past few hours, only to find it unreachable, all is well once more. Unfortunately, this USB DSL modem periodically plays a game of "La la la, I'm not listening!", which requires a power cycling of said external infernal device.
Hm! That is curious.. prolly as you say, it's now the drive or the interface that's the bottleneck. Heh! I suppose it'd still be helpful for applications which can farm out parts of the process across the network - with that kind of speed, it'd easily be worthwhile for something like video compression. (Indeed, I was thinking along those lines for Cleaner, but the company got knifed before any progress could be made towards Cleaner 6)

Ah, to have a nice little stack of drives atop each other.. maybe striped for speed, then mirrored for redundancy. Although it'd be tempting to just string two together for sheer capacity.. mm, 800GB available instantaneously. :-9 (Wish Toshiba could make some sort of 2.5" breakthrough.. the largest's still 100GB. Not that that's peanuts - I certainly wouldn't refuse one :)

(Still boggling to realise that my old floppies collection only totalled around 300-400 - ie, not even enough to fill a single CD :)