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If anyone's been trying to reach the site in the past few hours, only to find it unreachable, all is well once more. Unfortunately, this USB DSL modem periodically plays a game of "La la la, I'm not listening!", which requires a power cycling of said external infernal device.
Site? There's a site? I didn't know there was a site. What is this site?
Voilà! My home for all furs ringed of tail. (Okay, so that doesn't explain the rabbits - but then, who can?) And I really ought to live up to my claim there of more red panda and some meerkat footage.. it's been a few weeks since I properly updated. And getting that footage of Red the Panda and Widge the Rat out in the park edited down would be good, too.. just requires me getting off my tail. But it's so comfy. ^_^
Okay, so that doesn't explain the rabbits - but then, who can?