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If anyone's been trying to reach the site in the past few hours, only to find it unreachable, all is well once more. Unfortunately, this USB DSL modem periodically plays a game of "La la la, I'm not listening!", which requires a power cycling of said external infernal device.
I play that game at work :)
Whatever happened to Ronco anyway!
Eek! You use Binatone gear too? :) Agh, I wish ISPs would supply proper ethernet modems instead.. but, for whatever daft reasons, USB ones do seem to be much cheaper. That reminds me - I otter take a peek on eBay and see if anyone's offering a wireless DSL modem/router at a potentially good price. Not a big priority, as it's only Dormouse that really needed to be wirelessly liberated, but with a box like that, I could shift the WaveLAN to Bunny, and leave only Ocelot tethered - which wouldn't benefit from wirelessness anyway, given its lack of backlight.

"See? There's Sorny, Panaphonics.. and there's a genuine Magnetbox!"

I need to make up an animated icon of Professor Farnsworth's experimental creation of turning the toaster into a raccoon.
Kuma is after making an animated gif for his livejournal icon thing, but i don't know how to make them ;(

Is that the Australian Professor Farnsworth's ? [giggles]

I like NTL's modems they are part of your STB and have both Ethernet and USB connections!