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If anyone's been trying to reach the site in the past few hours, only to find it unreachable, all is well once more. Unfortunately, this USB DSL modem periodically plays a game of "La la la, I'm not listening!", which requires a power cycling of said external infernal device.
I play that game at work :)
Whatever happened to Ronco anyway!
Eek! You use Binatone gear too? :) Agh, I wish ISPs would supply proper ethernet modems instead.. but, for whatever daft reasons, USB ones do seem to be much cheaper. That reminds me - I otter take a peek on eBay and see if anyone's offering a wireless DSL modem/router at a potentially good price. Not a big priority, as it's only Dormouse that really needed to be wirelessly liberated, but with a box like that, I could shift the WaveLAN to Bunny, and leave only Ocelot tethered - which wouldn't benefit from wirelessness anyway, given its lack of backlight.

"See? There's Sorny, Panaphonics.. and there's a genuine Magnetbox!"

I need to make up an animated icon of Professor Farnsworth's experimental creation of turning the toaster into a raccoon.
Kuma is after making an animated gif for his livejournal icon thing, but i don't know how to make them ;(

Is that the Australian Professor Farnsworth's ? [giggles]

I like NTL's modems they are part of your STB and have both Ethernet and USB connections!
(Deleted comment)
Mm, I was quite relieved when I realised the driver made the modem appear as a regular ethernet interface.. I'd been worried I'd be reliant on some crusty host software to make and sustain the connection. So, it's easy to set it up in one's firewall front-end of choice - the internal ethernet's en0, the modem's en2, and the 802.11b's en3. (Only irksome aspect is that OS X's ipfw is the original version, as in FreeBSD-STABLE, rather than ipfw2, as in FreeBSD-CURRENT. The latter includes the ability to filter on MAC address, which'd be handy for permitting, say, ssh access on en3 only to Dormouse's MAC address, whilst permitting other access to en2. Not that I'd expect any other WiFi activity here - I've certainly never detected any other signals, using passive scanning - but I'm fine with letting someone hop onto my connection temporarily.. it's the systems themselves I'd like to control access to :)

Ah, gigabit ethernet.. now there's a reason for a tethered connection. Still, now that my burning's run by Ocelot, I suppose I don't have much cause to transfer the gobs of data I once did. Most incoming data arrives on Ocelot, by virtue of it having the largest drive, but my coal-fired CD-R was SCSI, and thus only controllable by Bunny.. and its internal ethernet is only 10Base-T, being of 1998 vintage. Pulling in gigabytes at 1MB/s tends to take a little time..

(Wonder what I can do with said CD-R? It still works fine, but being 4x, that's 20 mins per 700MB, compared to the 6 mins per 4.4GB I now see. It's hardly worth selling, given it'd cost more to post than the drive itself would fetch, and DVD-R drives are going for fairly little. Most likely I'll just hang onto it for the occasional CD that proves impossible to read with any of the other drives. There was one batch of discs I made up that verified perfectly, and turned out to be only readable in the writer.. needless to say, one ongoing project is to convert all the CDs here to DVD)
(Deleted comment)
Hm! That is curious.. prolly as you say, it's now the drive or the interface that's the bottleneck. Heh! I suppose it'd still be helpful for applications which can farm out parts of the process across the network - with that kind of speed, it'd easily be worthwhile for something like video compression. (Indeed, I was thinking along those lines for Cleaner, but the company got knifed before any progress could be made towards Cleaner 6)

Ah, to have a nice little stack of drives atop each other.. maybe striped for speed, then mirrored for redundancy. Although it'd be tempting to just string two together for sheer capacity.. mm, 800GB available instantaneously. :-9 (Wish Toshiba could make some sort of 2.5" breakthrough.. the largest's still 100GB. Not that that's peanuts - I certainly wouldn't refuse one :)

(Still boggling to realise that my old floppies collection only totalled around 300-400 - ie, not even enough to fill a single CD :)
Site? There's a site? I didn't know there was a site. What is this site?
Voilà! My home for all furs ringed of tail. (Okay, so that doesn't explain the rabbits - but then, who can?) And I really ought to live up to my claim there of more red panda and some meerkat footage.. it's been a few weeks since I properly updated. And getting that footage of Red the Panda and Widge the Rat out in the park edited down would be good, too.. just requires me getting off my tail. But it's so comfy. ^_^
Okay, so that doesn't explain the rabbits - but then, who can?

What site? :)