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I've just finished Paranoia Agent.

I think I can say my marathon introduction to all of Twin Peaks was quite straightforward cognitively by comparison.

Don't mind me if I don't make too much sense for a little while. ^_^;
Just as long as the code's not malevolent - wouldn't want a cracker to gain root access of one's curtains.

Ah! Just noticed said not-quite-really-a-night in the listings! Hmm.. maybe try downloading that when it (inevitably :) pops up. I still wonder if that screener leak was deliberate.. certainly, it resulted in no small amount of publicity, making some people aware of the new series' existence. I'll be watching it "live" anyway, needless to say - it's a very promising opening indeed. It's just frustrating that it'll probably take ages after for its DVD release.. still, in the meantime, that's what the net is for. ^_^