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The second part of Lots of Robots is out. Or, you may prefer to download the entire movie so far - fourteen minutes of exquisitely detailed, highly imaginative CG, designed and scored by one person. It's fairly amazing. 112MB, and worth every byte.

ysengrin pointed out these plush facehugger and chestburster Aliens. They're so cute! ^_^;

So, I finally got around to peeking at the video for Tally Hall's "Banana Man". It's well worth the bandwidth. ^_^ And, there's a decent D&B/breakbeat track in Shanti Root's "Heat of Madness" video.

And if you still want more animation, try Little Dog Turpie (28.8MB), a five minute short in the style of a woodcut illustration.

Mmm. That pizza worked out well. :-9 Just a marked down thing from the local supermarket, a Peking duck pizza. Of course, I couldn't just pop it into the oven without augmentation - so, first some crushed Sichuan pepper, a little hot smoked paprika, and rosemary. Then, as it was, predictably, pretty light on the meat front, some thinly sliced turkey and two chopped bacon medallions. That didn't feel complete, so, I went with three sliced shiitake, a sliced tomato, a little shrimp sauce[1], a dash of garlic salt, and a sprinking of fine black pepper. Oh, yes. That was a good combination.

[1] Ingredients: shrimp, salt. Thai cooking, yay!

A few Flash games: Bubble Bobble, Galaga, and "the CCL game", positioning fans and conveyors to move your goods through the warehouse.

patch_bunny might be interested in the occasional World O' Crap movie reviews, this week looking at Humanoids from the Deep: "The Okies catch a Humanoid From the Deep in their net, and in a rapid series of rib-tickling misadventures, Cap’n Hoke accidentally feeds his plump and tender son to the Humanoid, sets the deck on fire with a flaregun, blows up the boat, and incinerates his entire crew. This may help to explain why we don’t see more jug-sippin’, Appalachian hicks trawling for albacore in their bib overalls. If God had intended for hillbillies to deep-sea fish, he would have made them less flammable. And more buoyant."

And yes, it stars Doug McClure - your guarantee of quality!
That wasn't augmentation that was a complete re-design! ( AKA Pimp my ride*).

Why not start with a plain blank pizza#!
thinly sliced turkey and two chopped bacon medallions were they cooked before hand or are you just very brave?

I'm not a fan of garlic salt, i buy dried garlic granules. Fresh Garlic has an effect on me, so i prefer dried garlic granules.

* I wonder if i could find gainful employment with a series pimp my pizza!

# Peking duck pizza sounds such a wrong idea, Peking duck should have spring onions, cuecumber and no - plum sauce, plum sauce is like dreadful. Like pineapple on a pizza. Or cranberry sauce with turkey or apple sauce with pork something to avoid at all costs!
That wasn't augmentation that was a complete re-design!

"We can rebuild it. We have the ingredients." *grin* It probably did bear little resemblance to the original, by the end of it. ^_^ It was something of an ad hoc adventure - I started with just the turkey (sandwich meat), and then thought the contrast of the bacon might go well (chopped chicken breast and bacon make a great pizza combination, optionally marinating the chicken first). Given the amount of time it was going to spend in the oven, it was safe to just drop it on raw, and let it cook along with the rest of it - I tend towards crisp bases for pizza, so it was due half an hour or so.

Mm, garlic granules.. lovely stuff. It's certainly not the same as fresh garlic, but much more convenient.

a series pimp my pizza!

By Jove, I think you're on to something. ^_^

Mmm.. now I'm thinking of real Peking duck. Reminds me of the time I visited the Chinese restaurant in the Hotel Equatorial in Kuala Lumpur (wonderful place.. five restaurants inside, 24-hour room service, and WiFi downstairs. Which is actually what led me to stay there for a few nights. ^_^ I'd been wandering around the city, and thought a nice strong mocha would go down well. Opened up Ocelot (the TiBook, that is), and it found their free, public network..), with embarrassingly good service - for the duck, one waiter was present at the table, preparing each pancake with tongs alone, including the wrapping. Oh, good food indeed.. and by Western standards, not desperately expensive, at 220RM/night - in 2001, about $55.

I'm fine with cranberry and apple sauces, but I'm not much of a fan of the latter, generally - unless it's made with particularly tangy apples, it winds up not contributing much to the overall flavor, I find; I'll sooner go with some German mustard. Unless the meat's particularly good, in which case I'll simply revel in the unembellished taste of the meat.

Hmm. There's another of those pizzas in the freezer.. maybe I'll try another take on it tonight, maybe adding a little garlic pork sausage this time, and bumping up the spiciness a little. (Sadly, I've run out of sriracha. Hafta make a run into the city at some point.. the nearby supermarket only sells tiddly expensive bottles of hot sauces) Or I might simply go with another burrito or two.. still got a few tortillas left, and there's some lean ground beef waiting in the fridge.. ahhh, dammit, this looks like one of those decision things! They're sneaky bastards, creeping up like that.
Yes Steve Austin!

I've had a Bacon Pizza Problem before! So I'd precook it now!

Bacon and Chicken go really well together, I'mm know tommorrow if i can partake in Chicken wrapped in Cheese and Bacon again (ever).

Yes the Granules are different, I can actually eat them rather than being ill for a day or two !

Didn't they shred the meat with 2 forks? I thought that was traditional ( giggles).

German mustard would win with me over cranberry or apple sauce! But as you say better with nothing, bit like adding table salt to anthing with out tasting it.

Garlic pork sauasage can mean anything, call me Susan but i quite like the german one tesco sells.

I don't like hot things (generally).

Ground beef can be 30% other meats, which is why i only buy it from sainsbury!

plush facehugger and chestburster Aliens. They're so cute! ^_^;

Cool. I knew about the plush facehugger, but I didn't know there was a chestburster as well. Something else to save up for.
Ideal for placing on one's chest, with some fake blood, and waiting for someone to find you. ^_^

And then there are the Lots of Robots DVDs.. rather expensive, but, certainly quite a piece of work so far.
(Deleted comment)
That's the one! ^_^; I don't think I'd actually heard of the story prior to seeing the short, so it was all quite new to me. It does make for a measure of cognitive dissonance when you realise "ah, his legs are over there now". But he bears it all with remarkably good grace.

If you've any troubles with downloading it (do the systems there have CD-R drives or similar?), I could always toss it onto a DVD-R and fling it enthusiastically in your general direction.
(Deleted comment)