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Groucho's line about ".. inside a dog, it's too dark to read" is finally disproven.

Till Nowak's "Delivery" (95.8MB) is a home-made CG short, and well worth a look. There are also some "making of" materials available on its site.

One man and his bird (1.8MB Flash).

I suppose this (18MB QuickTime) is one way to deal with being awake at 7.35 in the morning..

Here's a detailed introduction to the Cell architecture, and in this slipper, a thread on the subject at Beyond3D.

This being the sort of locale it is, most nights, if I leave the window open, I can hear the boy racers trying to zip around the country roads in the distance. Tonight, though, there's one in particular whose idea of an orgasmic night out is to rev the engine, let it fall back to idle, and squee at the resulting backfire. Not once, not twice, but every few seconds.. ^_^; It reminded me of little else but that scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, featuring a procession of monks: Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem.. thwack Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem.. thwack Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem.. thwack

One.. thing.. and its ball (30K Flash). This'd make a wonderful screensaver. Pretty cool pet, too, for that matter.

A substantial feature from Vanity Fair on the manner of awarding of KBR and Halliburton's contracts in Iraq: no competition for bidding permitted, and with open-ended budgets.

Won't somebody think of the tax returns?

W00t! Finally found it again.. the full three minute version of the Futurama theme. (2.6MB)
¿Pasaste un día español? Honestly though, 7:35am was good and the ending took me by surprise. I didn't think that he would have done what he did.
I'm surprised they were even open that early. ^_^ Spain generally seems to partake of hours I'm quite comfortable with (hence my inclusion of that little survey results article recently), being of the nocturnal persuasion.. it simply feels right to me that you should be able to enjoy a full dinner at 10 or 11pm, without having to search around. France and Germany, on the other paw.. about as bad as the Bay Area, where even 9pm is pushing it for most non-fast food places, and 10pm's about the absolute latest, save for a few select hangouts like Zante's Indian Pizza, El Farolito (which I suppose one could place into the fast food category, but their burritos are just superb.. a $5.50 super burrito with extra meat is either one meal if you're absolutely ravenous, or two normally), or the Wong Kee Cafe down in Milpitas. Midnight sushi and dim sum, that's what the world needs.

Reflecting on that short, I'm a little surprised that I think I actually did expect the ending, in some form or other, perhaps feeling that he'd follow through with the commitment expressed in the song, at one point. Of course, part of me somehow hopes the results weren't as we'd expect..
(Deleted comment)
I'd like to find out which it is, actually - either way, it's quite a cool track, in my estimation. ^_^ Quite a novel theme.. wonder if Fox ever released a series soundtrack? They did have some musical bits and pieces, and there's been no shortage of such CDs from the Simpsons.

Ah, would that Fox could have cancelled the latter, and continued with Futurama instead.. I just can't seem to get into the last few seasons of the Simpsons. Enjoyable enough, but somehow lacking their earlier sparkle. But, maybe I've just been catching the wrong episodes.

Hm. A quick googling shows Christopher Tyng is indeed the composer of the theme.. the filename suggests it was part of the first episode, but I don't recall the version there being anything unusual.. certainly not almost three minutes, unless I just missed it. ^_^;

Can't say I'm familiar with any of his other creations, either.
That SWF of the pet ball is cool, but check out this one: http://www.vectorpark.com/films/park/main.swf
They're encouraging deforestation! ^_^ Mind, I'll probably have to try felling them all, just to see if anything happens at that point.. I was hoping the "real world" view would also show the the trees in the distance falling, but it's only in the telescope view.

Maybe I'll try fiddling with Director sometime, and just see how awkward or otherwise creating something like that ball demo actually is. Obviously, I wouldn't be aiming to create anything like that TISM "Everyone Else" video. Not for a few weeks at least. :) (I wonder how long that took? Plainly a great deal of work..)