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This is the kind of thing a love about LiveJournal.. on a whim, I decided to see who had "floofy tails" listed as an interest. Being a red panda, it's a subject of considerable importance to me, but I wasn't really expecting any results (Altivec, f'rex, only shows one other, and gods know there's plenty of PowerPC hackers out there).


And two are already on my Friends list. ^_^

In other not-news, I recently stumbled upon the complete animated version of Sam Kieth's "The Maxx", and Andrei Tarkovsky's "Stalker". And AKeep & ANBU just released episode 14 of Full Metal Alchemist, one of the more notable anime series currently airing in Japan, as did Mugen Fansubs with the first episode of the moderately bizarre Boboboubo Boubobo, about a Lone Stranger who walks into town just as agents of the evil empire are shaving off everyone's hair, which gives the bad guys energy. He saves the day thanks to his mighty nose hair, wielding it as lengthy whips. Though, for the strange, I still find myself drawn irresistibly to Papuwa.
*hugs yer flooofy tail* Mine! hehe
I never remember to add any interests to my LiveJournal profile. What should I put in? I don't even know where to begin.
The main point seems to be that the interests ought to list keywords, or other easily searchable phrases. You can either enter then manually, as they appear in other people's lists, just separated by commas, or even easier, go to others' user info pages, and click on the "[modify yours]" link at the end of their Interests. Then, you'll be brought to a tabulated page, able to add individual ones to yours by checking the appropriate boxes.

As for what to put there.. eh, it varies a lot. ^_^ Some folks have almost nothing in theirs, but mostly, it's the little (or larger) things which particularly catch one's imagination or motivation. Obviously, a list like that can't be practically complete, else I'd list every species I particularly like, and so on - the few I do list should serve as an indicator, at least.
Sometimes I think my list of interests is far too big at LJ's limit of 150, but then I keep coming up with things that interest me more than things that I list... So, basically it's a constantly evolving list of the 150 things that most interest me at any given time. \^.^/
Stalker was animated?!?!?! Me wants!
Oh, nono. ^_^ I'm afraid I left that sentence a little ambiguous. I was referring to the version of Stalker you're already familiar with.

Hmm. Maybe that's one to watch today.. but first, FMA 15, and possibly, The Last Unicorn. Or some Papuwa. ^_^
Ahhh, ooops then. I recently watched the Last Unicorn, wonderful movie, those were trully the Golden Days of non Japanese animation. And the music is sooo wonderful. Speaking of animation, you wouldn't happen to have dloaded the last 5 or 6 eps of CCS when a-g was releasing them to bt?