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For your inner bitch: Go Fug Yourself.

rigelkitty might want to see this Flash animation starring one Buzzed Bunny.. ^_^

A very cool interview between Chris Wedge, director of Robots, and Steven Lisberger, director of Tron. ("At the screening, when Robin Williams learned that Chris worked on Tron, Robin immediately went into one of his maniac comical states and dropped to his knees in praise and then started quoting lines from the film.") It's really a conversation between friends rather than an interview, and all the more rewarding for that.

Kitty! Free to a good home! (960K)

Last year's Appleseed feature comes to R1 DVD on May 10th, in three versions, at $20, $30, and $50; the latter is recommended for those who want to have a hefty cyborg of their own to love.

So, I'm finally back on Bunny, following its extended airing - and thankfully, nothing seems to be awry. As capable a system as Dormouse is, it's nice to be "home", as it were.. and to know Bunny's survived its latest tribulation. (I think that spill was a little less of a heart-stopping moment than one time it fell out of my bag.. four feet onto ceramic tiled flooring, with a suitably dramatic slap. Ay yi yi yi..)

It's been doing the rounds, deservedly: a classic bit of billboard humor.. purely unintentional, I'm sure.

An excerpt (13MB, 13mins) from BBC 2's Newsnight current affairs show, illustrating the style of Jeremy Paxman quite well. It begins with an introduction to the subject matter, which obviously places the interview following in context - if you're only interested in the exchanges, feel free to skip across that. It's an enjoyable illustration of the style of British political discourse.. more fun than it might sound. ^_^

Track for the day has to be this (4.3MB) curiosity from Soul Flower Mononoke Summit. I'm at a loss as to how to classify it, but it's a wonderfully peppy little creature, as if straight from Little Israel in the heart of Tokyo.

And I think this icon says it all:

Can we please get a copy of this to the WB board of directors? ^_^
Better yet, suggest to WB that they should hire on as a writer whoever created this Flash bit. :)
And the guy behind that TISM video? ^_^

(Am I the only one who can't actually watch that through to the very end? I can't bear seeing him go all teary-eyed..)

Heheh.. Nah, I'm sure that he has plenty of job offers already. It's funny to see far better 2D animation produced by independent animators in their spare time than junk produced for TV now.

Gods, and how! Flash has developed quite impressively as a tool for (still) artists and animators. Indeed, Cold Hard Flash is a weblog specifically addressing Flash in TV animation.

It just goes to show - at the end, it's talent that makes for results, not budget.

Still, it would be great to see more in-house animation work, like the old days of Termite Terrace, even if things like ink & paint were farmed out to places like Tokyo Movie Shinsa or Akom. As TTA showed, it takes time to bring a team up to speed together, but once everyone's on the same page, just look at the results, particularly in later episodes, or just about any animated by TMS (including the movie.. ah, I need to see that again. Do you have the LD, or is it with Brigus? Would be cool to have a capture of that, if it should be possible). But, those teams keep getting formed and split up, or even dissolved entirely, as with Disney's Florida and Queensland TV animation units. Such a damnable waste of creative talent, but, when you're at the top, I suppose you've got to be seen to be Doing Things, even if that means gutting the heart of the company's creative spirit.

Now, if only I could lay my paws on some Animaniacs episodes too.. especially those with Rita & Runt.. oh, Bernadette Peters has such a voice. ^_^ (And, needless to say, Pinky & the Brain :)