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Halloween costumes of the 1970s. Be afraid. (Bet you didn't know there was an official Asteroids costume.. but, imho, the best was saved for last)

Sadly, there are only six such examples, but here are some classic comic pages/panels, unmodified, and unintentionally hilarious.

And on the Dr Who front, for those receiving CBC: "The series starts on Tuesday April 5th, at 8pm in most time zones" - or about an hour after the BBC airing, via your favorite network.. no definite word on US broadcasts yet, aside from the Sci-Fi Channel not being involved.

"Aussies spend more time asleep than anyone else on the planet". The other results are much as one might expect: "Seven of the top 10 nocturnal nations are Asian, headed by the Taiwanese, 69% of whom go to bed after midnight (and 35% only after 1am)", and "Portugal, Spain and Italy make the night owl's top 10".

From a /. comment: "STERN Pinball is still producing games. You are correct that Williams, who was the only one at the time, shut down. Since then, though, others have stepped up. Illinois Pinball Company (which doesn't appear to have a website) bought the rights to all the WMS games, and supposedly plans to rerelease some of them at some point." - yay! Great to see pinball is still alive. I can't say I'm particularly good at any table, but I've always enjoyed a good pinball game. Someone else added, "They're planning on releasing Capcom's "Big Bang Bar" later this year. Price is what you'd expect for a new game, and supposedly the gameplay is awesome. A friend owns a Capcom (Pinball Magic) and loves it, since it's really well designed, maintenance-wise."

I was reminded by rigelkitty to check the comics on Sunday: The Boondocks is a classic. ^_^

Via ibneko, another Great Advance in Game Controller Science: You're In Control. You'd think this'd be ideal for pub installation..

Here's perhaps the best rant on Loonatics I've come across.

At 125, Maria Olivia da Silva may be the oldest woman alive. Think of what's happened in her lifetime - the invention of the vacuum tube, the rise of radio, World Wars I and II, the first electronic computers, and flight from biplane fighters through exotic travel for the wealthy, to weekend getaways a thousand miles away.

Theoretically, just about all of Dr Demento's shows can be found here, but the site's probably bogged down at the moment. All that shaving cream, no doubt.

A good cultural/political weblog: Stay Free! Daily.

Sobering, horrific, and - at the very conclusion - inspiring: a brief tale of Auschwitz survival.
I wanna be an asteroid for Halloween!
De plane boss, de plane!!!

I wonder what that says of a kid's psychology? (Assuming, of course, it wasn't the mother that came up with the idea, which raises more troubling implications) "I want to be a chunk of ancient ice, hurtling in solitude through the interstellar void for millennia unending" .. probably as close as one could get to being a goth in 1971.

But maybe I'm thinking a little too deeply about this. ^_^

If I had Soros' money, I'd commission Ruby's or suchlike to put those last ones (or some of the others, for that matter) back into production, and have WalMart pick them up automatically.

(Who managed to be furry at Halloween back when they were a kit? Photos encouraged :)
Halloween costumes of the 1970s. Be afraid.

I am afraid, those are some scary costumes. Kinda makes me glad I grew up in the '80's...

Here's perhaps the best rant on Loonatics I've come across.

All I can say is, must they screw with a classic? I realize they're trying to make money, and that all those old cartoons have been endlessly recycling for years on end. But they still shouldn't fuck with a classic.
Ahh, go on then.. what sort of costumes were you found to be wearing? ^_^ (Photos, we must see photos! :) In the 80s, of course, I dare say MC Hammer must have appeared in Halloween form.. maybe Mr Jackson too? *grin*

Warner I simply don't understand. They've had all those classic toons in their vaults for decades, and only now are they even beginning to release them properly. That said, at least they're doing it reasonably well, even if not to the extreme of Bambi's restoration. Yet, despite those DVDs' success, they're still not interested in producing more real Looney Tunes? Agh, sometimes I wonder if they have it in them at all, but, for all the criticism I've seen, I'd still say Tiny Toon Adventures was something of a renaissance for Warner animation, followed up well with Animaniacs - but since then, it seems to've all shifted towards the dramatic rather than comedic, probably fuelled by the success of Batman Beyond et al. (And so we come full circle)

You know, it'd be fun to have WB run an amateur animation competition.. let entrants use any of the LT characters, provide some music clips and sound effects, and just see what some Flash animators can come up with. Shorts like that Everyone Else video for TISM show it's not necessary to have a huge budget to come up with some really good results - it's talent that counts, ultimately, as his knack for timing and comic animation illustrates well.

But when it comes to new work with the LTs.. *sigh* I admit, Space Jam is something of a guilty pleasure, simply for seeing them all again, and even if they didn't bother showing her as anything more than a paper-thin romantic interest for Bugs, for introducing Lola too. ^_^ (Of course, I'd be the first to admit that for depth of character, Sawyer goes far beyond - indeed, further than many an animated production. Or live action blockbuster, come to that) They managed something much better in Back in Action, but still, the story just wasn't really there. Easily worth a rental, though. (Then again, given how modest the cost difference often is between a rental and buying the DVD.. yet Blockbuster don't seem to be going out of business any time soon, more's the pity)

Ah, if only the SamBakZa folks could come out with another short.. their cat/rabbit romance was just wonderful. ^_^

Actually, they did make a bunch of New Looney Tunes ... I forget the name but it was a DVD set with something like the ``Looney Tunes Golden Premiere Collection'' (as opposed to classics, you see). I haven't bought it since -- while I enjoyed Looney Tunes: Back In Action -- I'm quite wary of modern attempts to make New Looney Tunes, particularly to make five dozen of them at once instead of trying one or two a month for a couple years in a row.

I think that sort of steady production is needed so everyone involved learns how to do their jobs well -- note how long it took the classic animators to figure out how to do it in the first place, and how it took through Tiny Toons, Tazmania, and Animaniacs for the TV animators to get the hang of doing original funny stuff. You need to build a culture of people with technical expertise before you can make good new creative material.

Superman meets the Nestle Quick Bunny is now my desktop wallpaper.

You know, that little brown bunny had the whole bling-bling, giant Q hanging off the neck look way before gansta rap made it popular. >:B
Ye gods. Sometimes, folks like the staff of The Onion really have their work cut out for them, when reality is its own satire. ^_^

Maybe I should move into advertising. I'm sure I could slip in a red panda here and there, although I'm not certain what sort of products would be most appropriate.. about the only example of a commercial ailuropodian appearance I can recall is on a lager label from Bhutan.
Mmm... Panda Beer.
Site News:
Mar. 4, 2005 - 1,000 Registered Users in our first 54 days! I guess there really was a need for a Demento Archive after all!

No kidding! If it is that popular, why don't they just sell CD's of the shows? I'd pay for that!

Mar. 8, 2005 - Someone posted our URL on a high-traffic website and we have been inundated with new users - some outright raping the site. As a result I have made the following changes:

Only 12 people can stream/download at a time
I have Suspended many users for downloading a massive number of files for their own collections



*sigh* What's the point...

I've dropped the webmaster a line regarding the Coral distributed cache, so, maybe he'll tweak the appropriate .htaccess file to make use of that superb facility. Odd how comparatively unknown it remains, when it's potentially so helpful, in just such (especially!) cases as these, where someone serving significant media bandwidth has the Slashdot fairy visit upon them, with predictable results.

'Course, I often wonder why high-traffic sites like Slashdot and BoingBoing don't give people some sort of warning, especially if there are likely to be bandwidth issues. With such facilities as Coral, it's all so easily avoided, and a heads-up would save tears all round. Although in this case, I could imagine some limits getting hit all the same - there's a lot of shows!

Ah, would that P2P radio were established.. it's out there, but still only known of by geeks.
That Loonatics rant really alarmed me, to be honest... would you mind if I posted it on my own journal?
Well, it's not really mine to offer permission to; you're as free as any other reader to mull upon his impassioned rantings. I'd be interested to see your take on the matter, needless to say. Myself, I'd agree with his viewpoint of design by committee, based on perceived immediate trends, being not a terribly good way of coming up with an enduring set of characters - and probably not all that great from a cold financial viewpoint either, let alone what it adds to one's culture.

Within a few sentences, one character came to mind particularly - Poochie. (If you've not seen said Simpsons episode, it'd be worth a viewing)

Still, perhaps this might encourage more interest in the LT characters, and their later kin (TTA in particular, along with Animaniacs). And, I suppose, it's not impossible Loonatics could even be entertaining - but their recent history on the comedic animation front isn't encouraging, largely on the writing front. (Certainly, from a technical perspective, Back in Action was as good as anyone could have hoped for, but much as I wanted to love it, it just seemed to lack that verve)

BTW, I still need to reply to one of your recent entries. ^_^ It's an interesting point, as to where we consider ourselves to be "from", and where we belong to (if, indeed, anywhere).

What animated features and characters particularly call out to you?
Well, to tell the truth, I'm not really particularly interested in animation or animated series (although the Winnie-the-Pooh show from Way Back When probably had more of an effect on my development than I'm willing to admit). ^_^

The reason this rant disturbs me so much is that it speaks to something which I have always felt is true-- an elaboration on which was once here, but has since been transported to the end of my most recent post.
Considering how long it takes for humans to mature (mentally, too, not just physically), we should live to be at least 200, maybe 300. Here I am, 3/5 of the way through my mean actuarial lifespan, and only now am I starting to feel like I'm achieving some semblance of genuine wisdom. Around the time I will become truly wise, it will be time to die. There's something just basically fucked up about that arrangement. All that accumulated experience and knowledge locked into bodies that are literally falling apart. SERIOUS design flaw, if you asked me. ;-)
I'd have to say the Small Wonder costume had to be the most disturbing for me. *shudder* Whereas Tattoo and Kotter win the WTF? award.

..."some classic comic pages/panels"...
Dear me, *giggle*, they pulled some pretty big boners there. That multi-panel Batman -had- to be done on purpose!

Speaking of pinball, Doctor Who was everywhere in Wisconsin, so many well spent hours and quarters.

"The Boondocks is a classic."

"Maria Olivia da Silva"
And for one's brain to stay intact all that time is really incredible. A real bit of good fortune.

..."just about all of Dr Demento's shows"...
Now there's a fantastic historical library.

..."a brief tale of Auschwitz survival."
Mm. Powerful words.