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Poll #449492 Whovian expectations

Will you be watching the new Dr Who?

I worked on it!
Counting the minutes..
Not a chance
Ah, it was quite a magical series.. literally, I suppose. ^_^ Even though it was quite brief, I do recall that short animated sequence, where they go for a walk in the woods, as deer.. (funny how little things like that persist in one's memory, evidence of furriness from the outset)

I have quite a good record of buying DVDs and LDs at full price, only to see them in the bargain bins a few months later.. quite what that says about my tastes, I'm not sure. ^_^; (Including Get Shorty, which I found to be wonderfully tightly written and edited, almost to the extent of, say, The Big Lebowski) I suppose there's the rare exception, like the Liquid Sky DVD, which apparently can fetch quite silly money on eBay. Although some might say not much can't.. >chuckle< (Okay, you must've seen some items go for way more than they should - got any tales to tell?)