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Poll #449492 Whovian expectations

Will you be watching the new Dr Who?

I worked on it!
Counting the minutes..
Not a chance
True, there were more than a few Bright White Corridors™.. indeed, I was watching just such a story (Attack of the Cybermen) the other day, and of course, the space station involved has an apparently very generous energy budget for lighting. (For best results, combine with a 1972 broadcast vidicon)

Certainly, it's inevitable it'll appear on the net in short order - indeed, shows I could, theoretically, receive off-air I'm downloading instead, simply for the convenience of having it in digital form, and thus able to be stuffed onto a DVD-R, not to mention in widescreen and in stereo, whereas here I'm limited to the 4:3 terrestrial broadcasts and in mono. (I remain puzzled why absolutely no broadcaster, that I'm aware of, offers a show from their own servers, for some modest fee. I wonder how the economics would work out on, say, 24, or a popular soap, like Coronation Street? I suppose it's still only the particularly technically inclined who'd be interested, so maybe it wouldn't be worth their while. Still, would be good to see)