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Poll #449492 Whovian expectations

Will you be watching the new Dr Who?

I worked on it!
Counting the minutes..
Not a chance
Box of delights eh, I remember that!

I had to buy some dad's army from Canada due to BBC's Videos lack of anything really ...

I still haven't bought all the BBC's DVDs of doctor who, i'll have to check which ones i have... if you have bought them on VHS and DVD'ed them off UK Gold... then you buy them at retail on DVD, then they go "on sale" it kinda (no pun intended) puts you off!
Ah, it was quite a magical series.. literally, I suppose. ^_^ Even though it was quite brief, I do recall that short animated sequence, where they go for a walk in the woods, as deer.. (funny how little things like that persist in one's memory, evidence of furriness from the outset)

I have quite a good record of buying DVDs and LDs at full price, only to see them in the bargain bins a few months later.. quite what that says about my tastes, I'm not sure. ^_^; (Including Get Shorty, which I found to be wonderfully tightly written and edited, almost to the extent of, say, The Big Lebowski) I suppose there's the rare exception, like the Liquid Sky DVD, which apparently can fetch quite silly money on eBay. Although some might say not much can't.. >chuckle< (Okay, you must've seen some items go for way more than they should - got any tales to tell?)