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Poll #449492 Whovian expectations

Will you be watching the new Dr Who?

I worked on it!
Counting the minutes..
Not a chance
Hell, I watched the Fox 8th Doctor... I'll watch. I've seen worse. ;)

Besides that, from the sound of the teaser, they've got the right sort of character.
Heh! Actually, I've still yet to see the Fox production.. I've heard it actually wasn't that bad, but not quite the Doctor somehow. Pity it stalled so dramatically, though.. hopes had been raised by that, and then it just fizzled out quickly afterwards.

I'm itching to see the series, I admit. ^_^ I just hope the BBC will make the series available on DVD soon after airing, ideally as a box - they have such a gigantic archive, yet their DVD releases only ever seem to trickle out sporadically, except if the names "David Attenborough" or "Michael Palin" appear on the covers. Not that they're unwelcome, of course. (I wonder if he visited Bhutan during the recent Himalaya series? That's another country I'd love to get to see.. the fact they're also home to red pandas does factor into that, yes :)

That reminds me - I need to pick up a copy of The Box of Delights when I can. It had been available on VHS, but that went OOP some time ago; it finally appeared (or at least, was due to) on DVD a couple months ago.

I'm confident Ecclestone will settle easily into the role - the right person at the right time, as it were.

Agh, I just hope it goes down well and prompts the powers that be to get cracking on another season! Probably wouldn't be ready for another year or so, but I suppose if it did really well, they might try for another towards the end of the year. It's apparently going to be shown in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with something of a "maybe" on.. Universal's HD channel, or something like that. Still, anyone outside broadcast range can likely download the show. :)
Box of delights eh, I remember that!

I had to buy some dad's army from Canada due to BBC's Videos lack of anything really ...

I still haven't bought all the BBC's DVDs of doctor who, i'll have to check which ones i have... if you have bought them on VHS and DVD'ed them off UK Gold... then you buy them at retail on DVD, then they go "on sale" it kinda (no pun intended) puts you off!
Ah, it was quite a magical series.. literally, I suppose. ^_^ Even though it was quite brief, I do recall that short animated sequence, where they go for a walk in the woods, as deer.. (funny how little things like that persist in one's memory, evidence of furriness from the outset)

I have quite a good record of buying DVDs and LDs at full price, only to see them in the bargain bins a few months later.. quite what that says about my tastes, I'm not sure. ^_^; (Including Get Shorty, which I found to be wonderfully tightly written and edited, almost to the extent of, say, The Big Lebowski) I suppose there's the rare exception, like the Liquid Sky DVD, which apparently can fetch quite silly money on eBay. Although some might say not much can't.. >chuckle< (Okay, you must've seen some items go for way more than they should - got any tales to tell?)
I dunno, I see the new outfit and I think "Doctor Who and the War on Terrursm."

Maybe "Doctor Who and the Fetish People."

And the question is: which way do you like your Tardis? I was always leaning toward the Tom Baker "Deadly Assassin" model with wood paneling...
Ooh, I'm not sure I recall that version. The new one's apparently quite a reworking, inside..

Doctor Who and the Fetish People.

Alternate title for Attack of the Cybermen? ^_^ I've long had a soft spot for them.. okay, they're bent on taking over the galaxy (why? Wouldn't just a planet or two be enough? I've never quite understood the allure of galactic conquest), but.. :-9

(Pity.. still no sign of the third part of Rouge. Ah well - the second part's fun enough to make up for any hiatus)

Maybe "Doctor Who and the Fetish People."

Did you just say that as though it would be a bad thing? ;)

Seriously, the first episode apparently has Autons in it. C'mon, tell me the robotics and living doll fen aren't going to go a bit gaga. And rightly so. :)

And the question is: which way do you like your Tardis? I was always leaning toward the Tom Baker "Deadly Assassin" model with wood paneling...

I have always tended towards the Type 55 console, Five Doctors onwards. And if I had a room in the house that I could keep empty enough to justify it, yes: there would be glowing, translucent roundels in my future.

I must abstain; so far as I know it's not going to be on in Singapore in the near future.

I'm open to watching, although I never got the Doctor Who stuff. Every time I tried watching, in the late 80s, it was a twenty-minute-long scene of a couple people in an overly bright white hallway shuffling around, and it never seemed to get anywhere. I was always told there was more to it than that, but I never saw it.

True, there were more than a few Bright White Corridors™.. indeed, I was watching just such a story (Attack of the Cybermen) the other day, and of course, the space station involved has an apparently very generous energy budget for lighting. (For best results, combine with a 1972 broadcast vidicon)

Certainly, it's inevitable it'll appear on the net in short order - indeed, shows I could, theoretically, receive off-air I'm downloading instead, simply for the convenience of having it in digital form, and thus able to be stuffed onto a DVD-R, not to mention in widescreen and in stereo, whereas here I'm limited to the 4:3 terrestrial broadcasts and in mono. (I remain puzzled why absolutely no broadcaster, that I'm aware of, offers a show from their own servers, for some modest fee. I wonder how the economics would work out on, say, 24, or a popular soap, like Coronation Street? I suppose it's still only the particularly technically inclined who'd be interested, so maybe it wouldn't be worth their while. Still, would be good to see)
But of course, the heathens in the US are going to conspire to make sure that the number of minutes I'm counting are much more than the minutes everyone else is counting.

BitTorrent, I believe, will have to be my friend.
I will as soon as it pops up online! ^.~
The onyl Dr. Who I've really seen as a fan MST3K riff on Dr Who: Time and the Rani. I'm certainly curious about the series in general, as I've heard so much about it over the years.