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Quote for the day, from the inimitable John Dvorak: "The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a 'mouse'. There is no evidence that people want to use these things."

Today's video presentation: one from Pleix, a collaboration of artists, for a track by Plaid - Itsu (11.7MB MPEG-4). It's on the disturbing end, so, maybe not one for watching just before going to sleep. It begins, quite calmly, with a presentation in one of the boardrooms of Pork Corp, and then..

If you've read and enjoyed the adventures of Tintin, you might well like Fifine, a series very plainly inspired by Hergé's works - and it's furry!

momentrabbit pointed out quite an interesting repository: GWU's National Security Archive, obtained by means of FOIA requests.

Nanaca Crash is one of the odder Flash games I've come across.

Last Wednesday, I indulged in the sacred rite of laptop owners: the Soaking of the Keyboard. Thankfully, no magic smoke was emitted, so we can deduce that PowerBooks are not Greek or Russian Orthodox. So Bunny's currently spending a few days resting on its side, to be followed by a disassembly to ensure a lack of any minute poolings or residue. (Meanwhile, Dormouse is picking up the slack of regular duty. The 12.1" screen's easy enough to get used to, but the 800x600 resolution does feel a bit cramped)

Well, we've all had this problem.

Some welcome sanity on the Cell's architecture, in a highly digestible form. If you've been hearing breathless predictions of Cells imminently displacing x86, or of "cells" somehow roaming one's home network to transparently add to your system's power, this is the article you'll want to read. And by way of a chaser, this one from eWeek expands on some of the specific differences between the core PowerPC element of the Cell, and the existing G5.

vincent_x pointed out this pic on the theme of foxhunting. ^_^

Organic food can help you sleep, keep you slim and boost your immune system - if you're a rat.

So.. it really is a perfectly cromulent word.

Via rabitguy: Disney fonts! All free, and several of them, including - of course - the classic "Walt Disney" signature style font. OS X is fine with TrueType fonts, so there's no need to pay any attention to the "Mac versions" offered - just drop the .ttf file into /Library/Fonts or ~/Library/Fonts (depending on whether you want it available system-wide, or only to a given user).

Artificial retina progress.. what happens when artificial eyes can produce superior results to the natural ones? It's surely just a matter of time before they become the subject of elective surgery.

arokh notes, on Everquest, "As of this week the marketing wizards at Sony online Entertainment struck a deal with Papa John's pizza. Aparently if you type /pizza while in game you can actually order a pizza and have it delivered to your house without ever having to leave the game!"

austin_dern, on Singapore's official "Total Defence Neopets": "Rorie, a Yurble, a sort of squirrel with Princess Leia-hair-buns, the Psychological Defence Neopet, and don't think I didn't have fun writing this line."

Finally, I've shifted the two front page images over to the ISP's server, given they don't change all that often (though I'll probably be reworking the front page soon, when I edit the Widge & Red park video, giving the site a reason for some top-level navigation), so now, even if I'm gobbling up much of the outbound bandwidth myself, the banner image will only depend on me being able to send out a couple hundred bytes of a 301 redirection.
Okay, you can wake up now. ^_^
the sacred rite of laptop owners: the Soaking of the Keyboard

Tough luck!  Did the beverage contain phosphoric acid?  For soda pop, I've had better luck disassembling the keyboard IMMEDIATELY and wiping up the spill before it dries. Unfortunately, disassembling a laptop requires removing those stoopid decals covering the screws--I've yet to find a way to remove them without ruining them, so then the laptop canot be completely restored to pristine condition.
Thankfully, merely some (quite reasonable) lager, so it's probably more any residual sugar I need to worry about. It wouldn't be quite such a challenge, but my Torx T-8 seems to've decided it's time to play Hide & Seek. PBFixIt has a good series of takeapart guides for most PowerBooks, too - a good thing, as I've only taken Bunny apart (pretty much entirely) once, about four years ago. It's quite impressive how they used every tiniest available space for some auxiliary board, but it's hardly as simple as, say, the TiBook family, where almost everything's just on the main board. Still, replacing the hard drive on either is fairly easy, especially compared to the original iBook, where you're pretty much down to the bare board before it's accessible. Not actually awkward (as opposed to replacing the display cable on a TiBook (there, doesn't that look like fun?), which I may have a shot at sometime), just time consuming, if you want to note down where each of the two hundred or so screws came from..
Nanaca Crash is a Really Well done remake of the Penguin Baseball concept! :)
Aaaahh! So it is.. ! I admit, I'd never actually played Penguin Baseball before tonight. ^_^ It sort of descended in a flurry of hype, and, being a panda of very little brain, by the time the kerfuffle had vanished, I'd forgotten what the fuss was about. ^_^;

I really ought to get around to playing with Flash creation sometime - it's amazing what's possible, when people recognise its weaknesses, and play to its strengths accordingly. Shorts like that memorable Everyone Else video show brilliantly what "traditional" animation possibilities exist within the medium, as does the SamBakZa "rabbit in love with a cat" short, even if to a more technical than artistic degree, whilst others like the Tokyo Plastic headbanging geisha or the Melon Dezign "Come Together" music video exploit the 3D possibilities.

So, think you might give a home to a pig? ^_^
You have doomed me with Nanka Crash! I have spent the past hour something playing it, and it looks like i'll be back to more playing soon enough! Waaaah, oh the doom.
That 'Itsu' movie ranks up there on the wierd. One of the neater videos I've seen as of late.

I've known about Fifine for years. I read (i.e.: looked at the pictures and understood every tenth word) the comics in my french class. I'm glad it went beyond just being a parody and into a really cool comic.

Ah, I posted that 'Nanaca Crash' thing on my LJ a day or so ago, but the site it was on went down. It is a lot of fun.

This post was quite cromulent. Thanks for the entertainment.

Pleix's other works are well worth seeing, too, though they sadly ditched QuickTime in favor of RealPlayer a year or so ago. (Still, the newest release of the free RealPlayer's pretty well-behaved, even if their newer formats remain intelligible only by their player. I'm much more inclined towards open formats, like any of the MPEG family - MPEG-4 particularly, given the efficiency possible, even down to ridiculously low bitrates. Just a bit of a pity that Divx Networks don't really make a point of the fact their video codec is MPEG-4, as are XviD and 3ivX)

I'm quite impressed by Fifine! I'd come across that incarnation a while back, but forgotten about it - but Dormouse's copy of OmniWeb included that in its bookmarks. Ah, that reminds me.. I want to check the English translation of The Blue Lotus to see if they did indeed change most/all references to opium to the generic "drugs".
(Deleted comment)
5200. I will break 10,000 one of these days, right after it causes me to drop out of school. Just you watch!
6119. And thats the end for today, it's already eaten up two hours of my time!
Eep! You've left ibneko in the dust (1169m!).. damn, now I'm going to have to see what I can do. ^_^
Dude, my current score is 18,739, but someone has one of over 30k so I don't feel all that great about it anymore.
Hmm. If they get the artificials working at or better than real eyes, it'd be rather tempting. Especially if they can see IR, or if they have a VGA-in converter for them. (And maybe an output, set what they 'see' as the background and use transparent windows over that... hmm...)
Of course, there's nothing to say there could be more than two, although 360 degree vision might take some getting used to, unless you're already a herbivore.

IR would definitely be fun. I'd love to go walking through the woods at midnight.. well, I have, with the aid of a full moon. I suppose gamma ray detection might be pretty cool too, especially if you're an astronomer, even if an optical telescope or binoculars wouldn't actually help.

I love Plaid. They're my favorite Techno act.
They used to be part of Black Dog Productions, which I also love.
At least, I loved BDP when the guys from Plaid were in it.
BDP without Plaid isn't as good.

Thanks for the Disne font website!
I grabbed Space Age and TRON, plus a Stitch wallpaper!