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A tribute to great oil industry musical numbers, which, somehow, dronon tracked down and lured back to his apartment.

So, I guess Robin Williams (916K MP3) won't be in Toy Story 3 either.. ^_^

Track for the day: Bostich - Autobandana (13.3MB MP3), a cool piece of percussive electronica from Mexico.

On the video front, Constantines - Nighttime Anytime It's Alright (9.8MB QT) is a good example of a director with a simple idea, executed minimally. And with raccoons.

Behold the Hello Kitty crop circle. "Besides, we just thought it would be fucking ridiculous and they gave us the money to do it! They even ran tours from Japan for people to go see it."

I was saddened to see this come by in a mailing list: "11:12AM Friday, February 11th, 2005, Jack Lawrence Chalker passed away" - he'll be known to some as the writer of many an enjoyable TF-heavy sci-fi/fantasy yarn.

Mao's Last Supper. ^_^

xydexx might want to peek at this inflatable water scooter.

According to this pocket packet of tissues, they are: Tissues / Mouchoirs / Zakdoeken / Taschentücher / Fazzoletti / Pañuelos / Lenços / Lommetørklær / Lommetørklæder / Näsdukar / Nenäliinoja / ΝΑΡΤΟΜΑΝΔΗΛΑ / ממחטות / Paprírové kapesníky / Papierové vreckovky / Chusteczki higieniczke / Žepni Robčki / Papirzsebkendő / Носові хустки / Нововые платки КЛИНЕКС. Who knew tissues could be so educational? (And yes, the Cyrillic version does place the brand name in capitals, for some reason. I think the Hebrew's correct, but I'm hardly familiar with the language.. caught me a little by surprise when TextEdit suddenly slipped, unprompted, into right-to-left mode, on being presented with a sequence of Hebrew characters)

I've seen quite a few things spamvertised, but.. "Necessary surgical instruments"? O.o Heck of an impulse purchase. And on Valentine's Day too..

Many classic Superman covers in: "Superman is a dick".

Handy OS X single user mode reference page here.

If, like me, you're running OS X on comparatively modest memory, you might want to tweak your virtual memory settings a little. By default, the relevant line in /etc/rc is:

dynamic_pager -F ${swapdir}/swapfile

This starts up the paging mechanism with the usual /var/vm/swapfile base filename, and uses the pager's defaults for when to create a new swapfile, ingest one that's now surplus, and their sizes. One worth trying instead is along the lines of:

dynamic_pager -F ${swapdir}/swapfile -S 67108864 -H 16777216 -L 100663296

This specifies a constant swapfile size of 64MB, with a new one created at 16MB free, and surplus ones withdrawn at 96MB free. Of course, this might well cause your computer to spontaneously blossom into a fetching display of crysanthemums, so, try this at your own risk. (The resale value of 'mums is much lower, for one thing, and leaving them plugged in during watering isn't a good idea either)
the Cyrillic version does place the brand name in capitals
So how many scripts can you decipher, O Peripatetic One?  It's interesting that one of the Cyrillic languages is the only case where they felt they had to mention a brand name.

ממחטות… I *think* the Hebrew's correct
It doesn't prove anything, but morfix translates 'tissue' as 'מלמלית'.  This page does not use 'ממחטות' when describing Kleenex.

this might well cause your computer to spontaneously blossom into a fetching display of chrysanthemums
Oh no—not again!  Actually, it's quite unlikely that fiddling with the dynamic_pager command will induce mum-ification unless you also tweak the improbability-drive settings.
In Russian, its not a brand name, there is no word for nose blowing tissues, Kleenex has actually entered the Russian language as the word for it.
Good grief.. ! Still, I suppose it happens - in Britain, you don't vacuum the floor, you hoover it.
I am, of course, fascinated by the languages. =:) Do you know what they all are? I'm missing a few, but I can pick out English (tissues), French (mouchoirs), Dutch (zakdoeken), German (Taschentücher), Italian (fazzoletti), Spanish (pañuelos), Portuguese (lenços), Swedish (näsdukar), Finnish (nenäliinoja), Greek (ΝΑΡΤΟΜΑΝΔΗΛΑ), Hebrew (ממחטות), Polish (chusteczki higieniczke), Hungarian (papirzsebkendő), Ukranian (Носові хустки), and my very own Russian =;) (Нововые платки КЛИНЕКС). I'm not sure which of the Lommetørklær/Lommetørklæder pair is Norwegian and which is Danish, though. Same with Paprírové kapesníky/Papierové vreckovky for Czech and Slovak. And Žepni Robčki is just a mystery. Serbo-Croat, maybe? I didn't think they used carons, though.

Now, if only I knew more than just the word for "tissues" in all of these languages.... =;)
Hmm. Maybe vandringar can assist with the Norwegian/Danish confusion, being rather better placed to judge than I. I'll have to try rustling an answer out of said weasel. ^_^

Yes, Serbo-Croat does use such accents - that'd be my guess. Not that I can recall anything more useful of the language than čevapčiči, a universally popular sort of miniature spicy sausage, and palačinta z orehi, crêpes with a sweet hazelnut purée filling. Mmm, good stuff. ^_^ Being able to have a good pizza at 9am was quite refreshing, too. :-9

Hmm.. no sign of Romanian in there, as far as I could tell, and certainly no Bulgarian. Damn! Now what am I meant to do if I suddenly need a tissue in, say, Lithuania or Estonia, for that matter?

Oh dear god! Bostich!! Nortec stuff! I love Nortec stuff!
I could kiss you!! Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!

I, urrrr, totally ignored the rest of your entry...
I'll read it later.


~dances around with the big kitty~

Ah, such is the wonder of Dozer, Fat Planet, Aurgasm, et al. ^_^ I can hear music I'd probably never have discovered otherwise - and gods know, there's so much out there. S'pose what I otter do, though, is hook up their RSS feeds to a suitable client, for automatic downloading of what appears.. then again, I enjoy reading through their descriptions and backgrounds. Sometimes it'll be in a genre that rarely interests me, such as hip-hop or lo-fi/college rock, and then there are those that cause an immediate download and listening.

Hopefully Bunny's okay, else I'll have a lot of re-downloading from such sites ahead.. Wednesday night saw Bunny take something of a spill on the keyboard, so it's taking a break for a few days, on its side, both expansion bays empty, to facilitate evaporation. Should be okay, I think, even if none of the 'books here are quite ideal for getting out of the house and into some serious coding.. *sigh* (Ocelot's backlight isn't receiving power, so it's tethered to a TV for now; Dormouse is prone to narcolepsy, requiring the presence of external power to restart; and Bunny would be fine, if on the slow side, save for no working batteries)
The licky raccoons music video is rather interesting. But I thought they would want to wet their food before eating it, wouldn't they?
The video definitely did rather catch my eye.. ^_^ It's such a simple idea, and quite captivating.. but raccoons will do that.

Whilst the whole "food washing" thing's actually something of a myth, that has given rise to some fun little tales in its time, such as one little ditty penned by Cathy Hill, creator of Mad Raccoons, an occasional comic series from a few years back, mostly (IIRC) from Mu Press. It lamented "who'd ever give a sugar cube to a raccoon?"..