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If you've wondered how your town might fare in the face of a zombie onslaught, this Java simulator provides the answer. I'm afraid it doesn't offer much hope.

Pic for the day: Bayshore's Off Duty. (Safe) "They work so hard all day, fighting crime and fires, it's rare when they can sleep in and enjoy one anothers company. Aren't they peaceful? I guess it was another long night!! ;o3"

A tale of love. Read this, if you haven't already - it's been circulating quite a bit, and highly deservedly.

Want to name an entire species of monkey? A forthcoming charity auction by the Wildlife Conservation Society will offer exactly that. "According to WCS Conservationist Dr. Robert Wallace, who discovered the monkey, very little is known about the new monkey except that it stands about a foot tall, weighs two pounds and likes fruit. In the morning pairs of them gather and 'duet', calling back and forth while clutching each other in what resembles a human embrace."

If you recall that "Which OS-tan are you?" quiz I posted a little while back, here's an explanation of just what they are. ^_^ And here's Thunderbird-ko and Firefox-ko, in 1600x1200 and 1280x1024.

Sushi pillows.

A particularly good specialist weblog on.. well, guess. North Korea zone And for a less egotistical version of Wonkette, try DC Media Girl. Recommended. And, Why I Hate DC froths nicely.

You may well have driven over rumble strips on the road as some point. Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to use different width gaps to play tunes as you pass over.

mycroftb showed me this pic of Runtt, a red panda, by Frank Gembeck. (Not safe for work)

The newest PowerBooks offer a "scrolling trackpad" feature; this extension brings that to other more recent PowerBooks and iBooks.

Now this projector's worth pointing out.. note the first photo on the right, showing its size. It's 14oz, and will also run off a car adaptor or a battery pack; and illumination's from LEDs (!), with a rated life of 20,000 hours. But what keeps the price so high? Even at a list of $699 - not all that bad - it's still not exactly free with the cornflakes. Are they just milking the corporate customers?

Arboretum's erstwhile HyperEngine-AV audio/video editor is now a free download. They're still charging for their plug-ins, and support is now on a subscription basis, but there are plenty of sources for HyperEngine plug-ins.

Want a desktop mobile phone? The intended auction is the senior crowd, who may prefer phones that can't be accidentally inhaled.

I recently rediscovered two TF-related episodes of the Aladdin TV series: Do the Rat Thing , and Eye of the Beholder. I recall the transformations being fairly rapid, but they're still enjoyable, even if on the limited budget Disney TV animation tends to live on.
(Deleted comment)
Oh, really? I might have to sniff out some additional episodes.. thankfully, places like TVtome exist, with complete episode guides. I admit, I'm vaguely retiscent in launching into any TV animation, given the budgets they're usually saddled with, though the few I've seen of Aladdin (I actually bought both of the tapes with those episodes on! Yes, because the episode synopses gave away the TF relevance :) acquit themselves well.. and as I recall, The Lion King 1.5/3 (just why is there that odd distinction? In the US, it was TLK 1 1/2; in the UK, TLK 3) was a work from the (now disbanded :-P) Australian Disney TV animation group, yet of theatrical quality.

Hm. Maybe I need to extract an icon or two from them, even if almost nobody would actually recognise where they came from.. but Jasmine does make such a cute rat. ^_^

Oh, you can hardly go an episode of Aladdin without hitting a transformation, even counting the exception of Genie shapeshifting on his own. In fact, it's one of those many shapeshifting episodes -- ``Seems Like Old Crimes'' -- that's responsible for me being here. It was looking up the bird-woman on that that lead me to alt.fan.furry and, thus, to the online furry community. I probably would have made it anyway, but that's how it did happen to work out.

My particular favorite would be from the episode in which Matt Frewer, as Chaos, come calling (now that's casting); he tells some overly dignified guests to go hopping along, and gives them kangaroo lower bodies. That's a design I've never seen done anywhere else except by a few people consciously imitating that episode (it's one of the guest bodies on spindizzy_muck, for example), but such a perfect idea, too.