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Movietime: Belleville Rendezvous (Les Triplettes de Belleville)

It's perhaps tricky to explain adequately what's quite so wonderful, in the literal sense, about the film, but there's no question that the animation is of a superb standard. That combines with subtle comic timing in many instances, to make for nicely understated, quietly sublime moments, all the more hilarious for their reserved presentation: one scene shows the mother and her driver pulling aside, running on only three t[iy]res, from the main traffic to investigate a strange truck. As they come to a stop, we see Bruno's managed that doggie dream - catching the vehicle and keeping hold of it, by virtue of clamping on to the vacant wheel rim. No, it doesn't work when written - and that's what I'm trying to convey - there's a great deal of humor, and simply background, which shows an uncommon attention to real-life detail, and how certain aspects can be exaggerated. (Is this merely a matter of budget? Probably not - Miyazaki's recent "Spirited Away", quite a complex production, came in at 1.9b Yen, or around $19m, at least when the US dollar's not trying to burrow its way to the Earth's core) Or there's the Statue of Liberty, holding different items than in her US counterpart.. ^_^ Or, indeed, the flapper singing trio - simultaneously bringing to the fore a spread of feelings, from nostalgia of their heyday, to the spontaneity of the moment, mired in the comparative desperation of the present. (It's seldom Hollywood permits itself that depth; when it does, fate may strike them down regardless - look at Cats Don't Dance, whose luck had it emerge just as Warner bought up Turner, leaving WB with a Not Invented Here product, to which they accorded due respect) And then there's how to go fishing..

The pacing is rather more gentle than many Hollywood productions - something which I dare say Steven Soderbergh felt when releasing his version of Solaris (previously filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky; quite different films, though apparently Stanislaw Lem's original book goes into the actual nature of Solaris rather more). I'd say it moves at a more natural pace, rather, perhaps aiding its realism in that way.

Can't forget dinner. ^_^ I thought I'd try my paw at a variant of chile relleno, despite sadly not having any cheese. Using the risotto from a little while ago, which I'd frozen down (I prefer myself to be furry, not my food), I stuffed two bell peppers with it, augmented with a little more ground beef, salt, and pepper, to better hold its own against the vegetable oppressor. That then sat under a warm grill for half an hour, becoming beautifully tender in the process. For a sauce, just some canned tomatoes, a teaspoon or two of white miso paste, a few crushed fermented black beans, and a little sriracha.

(Yesterday's was a simple one, and worked well - sauteed some garlic and rosemary in sesame oil, tossed some egg noodles and a little cream of mushroom soup in, let that sizzle away a bit. To go with it, a pork escalope fried gently with a dash of fish sauce and sriracha, then left to not-quite-glaze with the addition of some peach juice)

Noticed that Tuesday's Xserve G5s apparently use the new 90nm version of the PPC970, which might make for faster desktop G5s soon. Still, I'm happy with my humble 400MHz TiBook. ^_^ No other architectural changes to the processor, as far as I'm aware. Of course, for me, the star of the keynote (streaming MPEG-4) was GarageBand. I'd recommend watching the keynote demo - its bit starts around 1:08:48 or so - rather than the promo video, as I felt it better conveyed just how slick an app it seems to be. Even at $49, it's a complete bargain, aside from including the other iApps (notably iDVD, which requires an unofficial patch to work with external drives, courtesy of of their MPEG-2 license). It looks like fun. I'm positively itching to play with it. Or is that fleas?
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