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More furry clips! This time, two featuring the ringtailed lemurs of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and their extravagantly lengthy monochromatic tails, and two starring the adorable raccoons of Singapore Zoo. (Given the rather modest transfer limit - 250MB per day - provided by the ISP, I'm now using the Coral distribution network for all the video files. That shouldn't ever be a problem again. ^_^)

Would you buy this helmet?

Hm! Seems Adult Swim will be airing the noteworthy Paranoia Agent sometime in the summer. Presumably dubbed, but, as Cowboy Bebop shows, Pioneer's been able to turn out some remarkably decent English versions in the past few years. (As opposed to, say, the nerve-squeezing dub for Tenchi. That said, I was positively tickled by the British fan-dub for one of the Nuku Nuku episodes..) And jainasia might like to hear they've also acquired episodes 1-167 of Inuyasha.

And, to swipe a phrase, from the Baffling Vaults of Antiquity™, two British TV ads from the 80s: a new (to me) good quality copy of one of the Cadbury Bunny spots (2.6MB AVI), featuring a beaver and a pair of disgruntled squirrels, and robo-workout time in an ad for Smash instant mashed potato (1.8MB AVI).

A good weblog for aspiring animators and general animation lovers: Cold Hard Flash, with interviews, reviews, and general pontifications on the state of Flash-based TV production. (New there is an interview with the animator behind the Shoebox Cards short)

huskyteer pointed out this particularly geeky shirt. ^_^

rabitguy kindly pointed out a furry OS X game: Lugaru, "is a third-person action title. The main character, Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the starving wolves from a nearby den. Turner takes it upon himself to fight against their plot and save his fellow rabbits from slavery." Pleasantly, it'll run well on slightly older systems too.

I was just idly wondering.. for twilight wildlife photography - are there any (non-professional price range) digital cameras which make a point of being IR-sensitive, or otherwise especially good in low light? Obviously, larger CCDs help, but also tends to bump the cost up considerably, as anyone who's priced 0.5" 3-CCD camcorders can attest.

Some quite good OS X software for media conversion and transfer to a PSP.. (MacBidouille notes that ffmpegX 0.0.9s has just added PSP encoding support)

At the Prelinger Archives, I noticed that, below the erstwhile Duck and Cover at number 1, is the quite wonderfully titled Perversion for Profit (Part I). (Like all their offerings, it's available in a range of open formats, from MPEG-1 to MPEG-4) It's apparently a 1965 "anti-pornography film produced by financier Charles Keating, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization", from the Citizens for Decent Literature, of Cincinnati. I'm not even going to comment on the top five popular categories being "Pornography, Sex education, Sex education, Sex education, and Sexualities"..

Now to catch up on the past two days of LiveJournal! ^_^;
It's some good stuf, my fiend! Did you get the movies along with the episodes? If so, movie 1 is at about episode 47. 2 is after 92-ish. Three is... after 157? The only thing you really need to know for the movies is episode 47 ^_^
Four takes place after the end of the series and I have yet to find a sub of it
Actually, I've still yet to see almost anything of the series.. ^_^; About the only exposure I've had thus far has been one of the movies (I forget which one), at an anime club meeting a couple years ago. I've built up such a backlog of episodes and series, though.. I still haven't watched Yokohama Shopping Log, f'rex, and there's even a couple older Ghibli unseen as yet (Only Yesterday, Nausicäa, and I Can Hear the Ocean). Not to mention TV bits and pieces, like Himalaya with Michael Palin, or the first episode of a particularly surreal comedy, Inside Victor Lewis-Smith, which I shan't even attempt to summarise. ^_^;

Definitely good to see more anime coming to broadcast TV. I'll be looking forward to mainstream TV reviewers working out their thoughts on Paranoia Agent especially.. hee!
The helmet would have been more use than the duck and cover ;)

Perhaps the 2 should be used together? I mean if you see a foreseeable impact hurtling towards you (may or may not containing nuclear contents) can whip out your The Helmet of Certain Death!™ and duck and cover.

I'm a bit surprised that the The Helmet of Certain Death!™ didn't have the warning "May contain nuts" or at least " Made in a factory that uses nuts, and due to the manufacturing processes utilized is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers"

The helmet would have been more use than the duck and cover

Hee! True enough. *giggle* Good grief.. of course, honorable mention should go to the Civil Defence "Protect and Survive" campaigns, but one could think of those as simply Johnny-come-lately imitations. It's encouraging, though, that such security is still promoted, as seen in the Department of FathHomeland Security's recommendations against biological weaponry.

The warning in this case could, of course, include "may contain nut"..

(Anaphylactic shock allergies have a lethal fascination, I'll admit. It's astonishing just how miniscule an amount need be experienced by someone with a severe allergy for there to be a reaction, from nausea through to death)

BTW, is Ayame Emaya going to be posting that pic on her site any time soon? ^_^
It's the helmet that you want to give to that annoying neighbour's kid for his birthday. ;-)

And... uh oh:

Error: 403 Forbidden
Error when attempting to use the Coral Content Distribution Network (http://www.coralcdn.org/).
The hostname specified in the Coralized URL is currently over its hourly quota. Please try back later.

Too popular. :-)
Just add a Nike swoosh to the side of said helmet, and so many problems would be over.. ^_^

Yeek! Weirdness, dude. ^_^ Maybe try just reloading, and seeing if that serves the file? It could be that the same host tried serving some file too often, and simply got tired of it.. as far as I can tell, it's been quite a quiet day for the domain - nothing which should've triggered any Coral limit. Quite odd! Let me know how it goes, if you could.. it ought to work very well for the site's light usage, so this sort of trouble's rather unexpected.
It works now, though I got that error three times tonight.
Also, I had to download DivX to get the movie to play.
Nice rabbit! :-)
Anaphylactic shock is interesting, but more scary is what is happening in the world with Bird flu. If you have ever seen Terry Nations Survivors or that similar ITV programme The Last Train then the future could be interesting... If a disease either man-made or natural can't be stopped by modern medicine with global airtravel it could be spread very quickly...

A sobering thought, perhaps?
I take a lot of pix in very low light and I've never liked the IR thing since it's essentially monochrome and makes things look unnatural.

My solution wsa the Canon S30. I had the chance to get it or the S40 and I chose it even though it has lower resolution because it is one of the few consumer grade digital camera rated to ASA 800. The manual mode allows fast adjustment of aperture and exposure time with one thumbrocker control.

But since most CCD cameras are fairly sensitive to IR.. I should see if it can 'see' IR at all.. It might be possible to enhance a picture at high ASA with an IR flood...

I'll let you know. :)
Not being a photographer, aside from very casually, I'm nonetheless impressed by a digital body rated to that sensitivity. I could see that camera being a rich source of experimentation and, thereby, inspiration. It's a pity that SLR-style exchangeable lenses still seem to be kept only for the upper end models, though that does appear to be creeping down into the more affordable units as well - the zoom on most of the lower end ones tends to be fairly modest, given I'm quite liable to make full use of the 12x on the camcorder. (Of course, there's also the option of simply cropping a high res image, which isn't really sensible with a DV maximum of 720x480 or 720x576, though slightly moreso with an HD camera)

rcoony has/had some rather good photographic experiments up on his journal a few months back, using b&w film plus an IR filter.. definitely does give quite a dreamlike quality to the images. Of course, that's picking up IR passively, not via artificial nighttime illumination, but still well worth a look, if the images are indeed still up.

Be sure to post some of your photographic handiwork! Even if, as I gather, the wild red panda population near you is very low. ^_^ (If we can ever be truly deemed "wild" :)
I have this 'thing' about taking pictures of back alley ways at night. :) A werewolf thing I suspect. :) I like to take pictures of the wrong side of buildings - the front is the facade - the part you're supposed to see... but the back is the part no one looks and it's often far more interesting. :)
(Deleted comment)
Oh, I dare say she struck a chord in many a latent furry's heart.. ^_^ So nicely animated, and a wonderful voice too, with that rich Devonian accent. There were a few in the series, I believe, but they're horribly difficult to obtain, especially in any viewable quality - you'd think the company would have an archive of their own PR.

I wonder if they could be encouraged to bring her back? ^_^

The t-shirt made me laughed so hard, I choked!
You can be proud of yourself.

I had ignored the Cadbury Bunny link, but the talk of her sexiness here made me go and take a look.


It's the voice, definitely the voice.