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Raccoons Now In Stock, Same Day Delivery Guaranteed

More furry clips! This time, two featuring the ringtailed lemurs of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and their extravagantly lengthy monochromatic tails, and two starring the adorable raccoons of Singapore Zoo. (Given the rather modest transfer limit - 250MB per day - provided by the ISP, I'm now using the Coral distribution network for all the video files. That shouldn't ever be a problem again. ^_^)

Would you buy this helmet?

Hm! Seems Adult Swim will be airing the noteworthy Paranoia Agent sometime in the summer. Presumably dubbed, but, as Cowboy Bebop shows, Pioneer's been able to turn out some remarkably decent English versions in the past few years. (As opposed to, say, the nerve-squeezing dub for Tenchi. That said, I was positively tickled by the British fan-dub for one of the Nuku Nuku episodes..) And jainasia might like to hear they've also acquired episodes 1-167 of Inuyasha.

And, to swipe a phrase, from the Baffling Vaults of Antiquity™, two British TV ads from the 80s: a new (to me) good quality copy of one of the Cadbury Bunny spots (2.6MB AVI), featuring a beaver and a pair of disgruntled squirrels, and robo-workout time in an ad for Smash instant mashed potato (1.8MB AVI).

A good weblog for aspiring animators and general animation lovers: Cold Hard Flash, with interviews, reviews, and general pontifications on the state of Flash-based TV production. (New there is an interview with the animator behind the Shoebox Cards short)

huskyteer pointed out this particularly geeky shirt. ^_^

rabitguy kindly pointed out a furry OS X game: Lugaru, "is a third-person action title. The main character, Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the starving wolves from a nearby den. Turner takes it upon himself to fight against their plot and save his fellow rabbits from slavery." Pleasantly, it'll run well on slightly older systems too.

I was just idly wondering.. for twilight wildlife photography - are there any (non-professional price range) digital cameras which make a point of being IR-sensitive, or otherwise especially good in low light? Obviously, larger CCDs help, but also tends to bump the cost up considerably, as anyone who's priced 0.5" 3-CCD camcorders can attest.

Some quite good OS X software for media conversion and transfer to a PSP.. (MacBidouille notes that ffmpegX 0.0.9s has just added PSP encoding support)

At the Prelinger Archives, I noticed that, below the erstwhile Duck and Cover at number 1, is the quite wonderfully titled Perversion for Profit (Part I). (Like all their offerings, it's available in a range of open formats, from MPEG-1 to MPEG-4) It's apparently a 1965 "anti-pornography film produced by financier Charles Keating, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization", from the Citizens for Decent Literature, of Cincinnati. I'm not even going to comment on the top five popular categories being "Pornography, Sex education, Sex education, Sex education, and Sexualities"..

Now to catch up on the past two days of LiveJournal! ^_^;
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