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This is something I have to recommend - an animated short on how the happy bunnies at Shoebox come up with greetings cards. ^_^ (11.1MB QT)

rcoony made note of another incredible technological advance: the SmogBuster, a coin-sized disc, which you stick onto your car or truck's fuel tank.

From their FAQs page: "3. How does the SmogBuster™ work?

A) The OCN SmogBuster™ Disc is a custom holographic disc that is able to store and project proprietary programming that affects the properties of the gasoline or diesel fuel, causing it to burn cleaner and more efficiently."

The punchline? It's $299. ^_^

And while looking around for information on that, I came across what may well be Headline of the Year: Man Peed Way Out Of Avalanche.

Lookee here for Preyfar's "You Pooped In My Coffee! Why?" art contest. Winner gets an 8x6" Wacom tablet, shipped anywhere in the world..

Ah, it's a high class entry today.

What would life be like if iPods really were everywhere? ^_^ (4.1MB MPEG-4) Feels like there's something of a Jam influence..

I like this Ballard Street.

Oh, and if you're curious, today's title track can be found here (6.9MB MP3), courtesy of Music (for Robots).
*giggle* Oh, no problem! I'm perennially amazed at just how much the net contains, from the surreal to the absurd, and all points in between. You can imagine how difficult it was for me early last year, before I had the phone line installed. ^_^ Dormouse, with its AirPort card, came in very handy.. getting DSL soon afterwards was easily one of my better decisions. ^_^ Ahh, the wonders - not just the speed, but the fact it's always there, for any random googling that comes to mind. That fits in well with my fairly random thought processes..

I need to try finding out where that iPod sketch originally came from. BBC Three, which narrows it down somewhat.. I'll try sniffing through the BBC site. (Well worth it, actually - it's a gigantic resource of information on a very broad range of topics)