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Just a quick note - the remaining wild rabbits footage is now up, as two additional clips.

Next will be some ringtailed lemurs, possibly today, followed by some (quite adorable) raccoons. ^_^
Bunnies rule...mainly cuz male and female bunnies share the same descriptive nouns as male and female deer. ;)

Oh yeah..and those cute ears too.
Mmm, pretty much deliberately cute, I'd say. ^_^ I did like that brief look at one washing his feet, too. I'd go rabbiteering, but I've not seen any actual wildlife around here at all. (Possibly the ground's not amenable to burrowing.. that said, I should try wandering around more at twilight, and see if I'm lucky. And there are a couple secluded paddocks around, which might be worth trying, if rabbits and horses get along)
Those paddocks sound promising if they're a decent size - rabbits don't like to get too close to horses (because they're heavy!) but will happily share fields with them. =:)
I actually had video footage of a deer-hoof on squirrel tail "accident", and the chaos which ensued.
Owww! Hurts just thinking of that.. ye gods. Is the past tense there intentional? If you still have the footage, that certainly merits putting up on teh intarweb.
Sadly the footage melted away with my laptop when it caught fire.

Now, my poor PowerBooks have suffered many tribulations in their time, falling out of an unzipped shoulder bag onto concrete, to bouncing off the bed when I landed on it too playfully.. but I've not actually had them catch fire yet. Dare I ask?

(Although, I think my most vigorous sudden intake of breath was when I knocked over some lager right onto Ocelot's keyboard. Funny how quickly emergency procedures can kick in when needed.. thankfully, there was no damage. The keyboard itself trapped much of it, and the rest was easily dabbed off the main board, which was then quite carefully left to dry for a day or two. But seeing that liquid go right over my main system was.. well, I'd recommend against it)
(Deleted comment)
Around a dozen, even! austin_dern has/had some particularly good photos of some of them in an entry from a while back. Quite a variety of colorings, too, from the "traditional" mid-grey, into an almost red panda rustiness - of course, they've all perfected the "please, we haven't eaten in days!" imploring, wide-eyed look, too. ^_^