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Yell Publications ran a light-hearted contest to find "Best Business Name 2004" - amongst the contenders, a Birmingham greengrocer, Melon Cauli; a musical instruments shop in Aire, Aire Guitars; and a Croydon record store, Vinyl Resting Place.

As rubberskunk noticed, Mamabliss' Dustbunnies is available for free, temporarily. It's in her usual very sketchy style, and as ever, absolutely not even remotely worksafe.

This trailer (11.5MB QT) for Crispin Glover's forthcoming What Is It is.. quite odd.

thewerewolf recently penned an excellent rebuttal to an opinion column in the LA Times.

The .net TLD is coming up for renewal, and Verisign has quite a formidable array of contenders. The Register feels DeNIC, a non-profit which runs all .de domains, might be best positioned to assume control. Providing it's not Verisign, I'll be happy with any of the choices, though DeNIC does seem to have a particularly good background, in contrast to Verisign, which was founded by former Sirius Cybernetics Corporation executives.

An excellent candidate for a desktop background pic: Tina Leyk's Blackfox Trilliums. And foxxfire particularly might like this gryphons pic by NeonDragon. (Plenty more work by the same artist here, of similar quality)

If you're within the British Isles, the BBC would like you to participate in an exercise in mapping the regional use of words.

Apparently, Robert Greenwald's Uncovered: the War on Iraq is available for free in Comcast's digital In Demand service.

Explanatory graphics are, of course, there to explain complex matters in more simplistic ways. However, some might consider NASA's Galileo/Huygens infographic to be somewhat extracting the michael.

Hm. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe also handles Australia and New Zealand. Their EU entry surely can't be far behind. ^_^

Some new rumorjiggery on Nintendo's forthcoming Revolution console, including "four controller ports, a hard drive, and support for high-resolution displays and Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound", and "building gyroscopes into the controllers, presumably to add some sort of motion-control aspect to games".

Which OS-tan are you?

You are Mac OS X. You are beautiful, stable, and a catgirl. It’s no wonder people love you. It's sometimes a little annoying that so many people stick with the obviously inferior Windows, but since you know you're better, you don't let it bother you much.

(It's all in good fun. ^_^ It's sometimes a little easy to see which result a given answer's pointing towards, but hey. Does anybody recognise the illustration, by any chance? I'd like to establish the origin)

Did you know Oscar the Grouch's fur was originally a bath mat?
However, some might consider NASA's Galileo/Huygens infographic to be somewhat extracting the michael.

*snicker* At first, I thought this must be the kids' graphic... but amazingly it isn't! And why are the baby's 'bits' censored? The kids graphics usually consist of a cartoon Cassini waving at the kids, with his little buddy Huygens always winking. I guess Huygens has something stuck in his eye, or is modelled after popeye. The more technical drawings look something like this:

Well, they'd already prepared those graphics for the presidential presentation, so I suppose they wound up being able to use them for their web pages at no additional cost. ^_^

I had to check the kids' site, of course, just to check they really had made up that image. Perhaps, between these two images, we can deduce that the graphic designers of The Day Today and Brass Eye have found new employment.

Still.. the technical side of the expedition's gone exceptionally well, aside from that dead data channel - next up, it seems Cassini's going to be measuring the carbon-12 vs carbon-13 ratio, in an attempt to gauge whether the methane, apparently being continually rpelenished, is coming from geological or biological processes. (Of course, even if life off Earth, elsewhere in the solar system, should be found, that's not necessarily proof of independent evolution - it's been established that microorganic life can survive space, leading to the possibility of cometary seeding. Either way, it'd be thrilling to find some indication of current life elsewhere)
I'm rather fond of a sporting-goods store in Oakville, Ontario that's named "The Merchant of Tennis", myself. :) I've never gone in, but it brings a little smile every time I drive past.
*giggle!* Okay, that's a good one. ^_^ (I wonder how many people don't get it?)

Hairdressers, of course, seem to be bound by tradition to come up with quite groanworthy punnish names.
"...Crispin Glover's forthcoming What Is It is..."
Ye gods... how.. um.. unexpected. I can't wait!

...an excellent rebuttal..."
Most splendid. Shame it's so true.

"...extracting the michael."
That is very..speshul. I love your description.

Which OStan are you?

You are Windows 95. You are the oldest of the Windows girl who still hangs around, so you're bit more mature than some of the others, but not really any more effective. You dress and act like a traditional Meiji-era Japanese girl most of the time, but when confronted with your hated rivals, the Apple-tans, your katana comes out and you go for the kill.

Do you hear that creaking sound? Those are my antiquated bones. ^_^
I think I'm going to have to sniff out some more details, such that they are, on What Is It, just to gain some idea of.. what it is. Could that really fill 1h15 or more? Possibly.. after all, Messrs Maddin and Lynch manage plenty of high weirdness, yet it remains compelling and often curiously amusing, if not outright hilarious. (I still love the fact TSMitW's script was from the same pen as The Remains of the Day. Hee!)

I had to simply link to that reuttal, as there wasn't much I could really add, without indulging in mere elaboration or repetition. *sigh*

Do you hear that creaking sound? Those are my antiquated bones.

Never mind.. when they crumble into dust, we can either recompress them with some dried noodles for strength, or just sell them to a local garden center. (After all, tons of cat mummies were imported into Victorian England for just that purpose) You'd have the option of putting the proceeds into a shiny new steel skeleton - either along the original's lines, or maybe you'd like to see what an exoskeleton's like? (Shiny!)
Yeah, I can't say I've seen any of Crispin Glover's work. But this looks totally insane. "I want Moore."

Ooh, exoskeleton please! Can I have a glass jar for my head? But not like Leonard Nimoy "living in a gefilte fish jar." ;D
Did you know Oscar the Grouch's fur was originally a bath mat?
So naked people used to walk all over him. No wonder he became such a dirty bastard. >:)
I don't know.. I understand there are quite a few folks who pay to have others walk over them. ^_^

And, really, if you're a bath mat, that seems like a pretty cool reincarnation.. it's just sad they couldn't get to him earlier. Elmo's living proof of how joyous the untarnished soul can be.

Given such proof, should we not petition Bed, Bath & Beyond to release their captives?

[cue "Born Free" theme]
I haff seen those gryphons, but, I go for the ones with a bit more sentience in their features. That, and, well, they aren't doing.. other gryphons XD