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Just a quickie for now, for the reason below. ^_^

I'm very pleased to announce that, at long last, the first red panda and rabbit clips are finally available. ^_^ The four red panda clips are simply illustrative, whilst the latter clip is a little montage of footage of a small group of wild rabbits I happened upon, appropriately enough, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I'm afraid there's a lot of shakiness in the latter, as I was on a fairly high zoom at the time - but, it's still highly enjoyable to see lapines running free. (Literally!) I hope I'll be able to say the same of red pandas in the next few years..

Feel free to link away, if you like - I don't have a button graphic at the moment, lacking l337 P-5h0p 5|<1llz, but I'll try to come up with one eventually. The site layout's very, very simple, and its coding may cause either nausea or bouts of nostalgia in huskyteer.. but it hopefully does the job without causing bleeding eyeballs.

It appears the Supreme Court recently ruled that federal judges aren't required to follow mandatory sentencing "guidelines".

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's really quite a nifty body of work: the Powerpuff Girls, manga style, a few years later on. (So, Dexter and Samurai Jack don't appear in the original.. so what? ^_^) Quite professional in appearance, fully colored, and around 100 pages complete so far. Worth a look, even if just for a glimpse at a more realistic appearance of the characters. There's also a brief Flash trailer (638K) available, which doesn't seem to fall into canon, but it's worth watching regardless of relevance. (The artwork style reminds me of Pilot's, for what it's worth)

"Canada minister in pizza scandal" - the sort of headline you just don't see too often. The actual story summary was regrettably quite un-salacious: "Canada's immigration minister resigns, denying allegations she offered help an immigrant avoid deportation in exchange for pizza and garlic bread." But, terribly Canadian. ^_^
Mostly the former. ^_^ (Speaking of anime, I still have the last two episode of Yakitate Japan to enjoy, plus three new episodes of Twin Spica.. and the final three of Paranoia Agent, for that matter, although at this point, I'm tempted to just rewatch the entire thing, at thirteen total. Need to remember to extract the opening and closing themes for that, too.. they're good at giving an indication of the series, as well as being good little music pieces in their own right)

Of course, once those five clips were all ready to roll, and bring the site back into meaningful existence (it's been up previously, serving some red panda images, but mostly, the domain's been for email use), I was sufficiently energised to overshoot even my usual bedtime.. but then, I just wasn't really feeling tired, so I wound up just vaguely waiting and waiting to begin the snooze. Thankfully, the Dear Baby™ was quiet today, or at least, well contained, so I actually managed quite a reasonable few hours.

Next up, I think I'd like to bring in some of the Singapore raccoons - a group of a dozen or so are present at the zoo there, welcoming visitors, and asking nothing more than a contribution to their ongoing well-being in return, which seems eminently reasonable. There's also, I think, another couple minutes of the Wild Animal Park rabbits - I was wanting to avoid making any one clip too long, to avoid huge filesizes. Wish I had more, of course, but they obviously had other things to do that day. I felt quite treated, to have seen such a grouping, enjoying themselves so freely, and in such a public area! (It's well away from the "main" footway areas of the Wild Animal Park, towards where the 'roos used to be, so there weren't all that many people around, and they'd obviously had some familiarity with people being around, whilst still being quite plainly not tame park furniture)

The raccoon count in the Singapore Zoo is up to around fifteen or sixteen now -- I'm not exactly sure; they're hard to count exactly particularly since there's so many places they can hide -- but they are really quite busy, when they're not just done eating.