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Just a quickie for now, for the reason below. ^_^

I'm very pleased to announce that, at long last, the first red panda and rabbit clips are finally available. ^_^ The four red panda clips are simply illustrative, whilst the latter clip is a little montage of footage of a small group of wild rabbits I happened upon, appropriately enough, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I'm afraid there's a lot of shakiness in the latter, as I was on a fairly high zoom at the time - but, it's still highly enjoyable to see lapines running free. (Literally!) I hope I'll be able to say the same of red pandas in the next few years..

Feel free to link away, if you like - I don't have a button graphic at the moment, lacking l337 P-5h0p 5|<1llz, but I'll try to come up with one eventually. The site layout's very, very simple, and its coding may cause either nausea or bouts of nostalgia in huskyteer.. but it hopefully does the job without causing bleeding eyeballs.

It appears the Supreme Court recently ruled that federal judges aren't required to follow mandatory sentencing "guidelines".

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's really quite a nifty body of work: the Powerpuff Girls, manga style, a few years later on. (So, Dexter and Samurai Jack don't appear in the original.. so what? ^_^) Quite professional in appearance, fully colored, and around 100 pages complete so far. Worth a look, even if just for a glimpse at a more realistic appearance of the characters. There's also a brief Flash trailer (638K) available, which doesn't seem to fall into canon, but it's worth watching regardless of relevance. (The artwork style reminds me of Pilot's, for what it's worth)

"Canada minister in pizza scandal" - the sort of headline you just don't see too often. The actual story summary was regrettably quite un-salacious: "Canada's immigration minister resigns, denying allegations she offered help an immigrant avoid deportation in exchange for pizza and garlic bread." But, terribly Canadian. ^_^
Just for reference, the allegations made by the pizza shop owner (who was about to be turfed out of the country) have not been proved. In fact, last I heard the guy wasn't making any public comments either.

Besides, everyone knows Canada favors exotic dancers over pizza guys anyway.

Although it looks like that's coming to an end too. http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2004/12/02/exotic-dancers041202.html
I think I recall it was Canadian immigration officials that also required actual proof of being able to dance, in order to verify their claim to their profession. ^_^;

'Course, if I were Ruler of the World, I'd let people move wherever they liked. If corporations can, why not individuals too? Surely someone who's willing to forego their home turf, in order to set off for pastures new, is visibly demonstrating far greater motivation to succeed in that new locality, than someone who simply happened to pop into the world thereabouts. So often we hear the old saw of "they're taking our jobs!", when these people are just as likely, if not moreso, to help create new jobs. (The immigration boom in the US, well into the 20th century, hardly hurt the economy, after all!)