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While getting a veritable stack of video imported, edited, and compressed for the site, I happened upon a bit o' whimsy from Duckon 7's Furry Variety Show: The Raccoon Song. ^_^ It's available in two flavors: high quality (12.4MB MPEG-4; 640x480 500kbps video, 80kbps audio), and medium quality (2.3MB MPEG-4; 320x240 100kbps video, 24kbps audio). My apologies in advance for the horrid camerawork, but that angle was all I could get. ^_^; In the next few days, I'll hopefully be able to make a growing collection of zoo footage clips available, mostly on the theme of red pandas (surprise!), but also featuring raccoons, ringtailed and ruffed lemurs, and rabbits, from San Diego, Sydney, Singapore, and Somerset.

Recommended music weblog for the day: The Suburbs Are Killing Us. Its scope is as broad as Fat Planet.

In a particularly surreal "truth is stranger than fiction" move, New Scientist notes that, in 1994, the US Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton had sought funding for 'the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale'.

Via the BBC:
Q: "What's the difference between Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the Loch Ness Monster?"

A: "They're still looking for the Loch Ness Monster."

With quite splendid timing, with many a fur away at the con, Sheezy Art will "no longer accept or display adult art" - as of January 16th - towards making it "a family friendly website". If you have such work there, it would seem time to find another home for it.

How do societies collapse? "Diamond identifies five major causes of societal collapse: environmental damage, climate change, hostile neighbors, loss of trade partners, and stupidity."

Best Mac mini post-launch comment: "It's like a Cube that got washed in really hot water."

Ooo.. if I can get to Paris by mid-March, I know I'd have to see this: a Miyazaki/Moebius exhibition.

The UN's released, apparently, a series of animated public service announcements on the theme of AIDS prevention. I shan't repeat the three characters' names - they're in the article - but they're much too giggle inducing. ^_^
::cracks up at the mac mini post-launch comment:: You know, I may have to buy one, and use that temporarily... my iBook's having major problems...
It is quite niftily tiny.. apparently very deliberately so, as the HD appears to be a 2.5" unit, making for a device 165 x 165 x 51mm - almost half the height (well, depth) of the Nanode, at 94 x 150 x 160mm. So, it's around the same size as a CD case, and two inches tall. Gah. Barely more than a swollen wall wart.. (would that it were the same price :)

Erf! Not good news about the iBook.. does seem to be a very good time for hardware troubles, looking at others' journals. (And it's not even a full moon - not until Feb 8) Something that'll need to be seen to by AppleCare? If you've got a service-capable Apple emporium nearby, it's possible they might be able to carry out the repair - or, if it's a matter of a board swap, be able to leave you with the machine until they're actually ready to do the deed. (I could recommend a good place in San Francisco, but that probably wouldn't be overly useful :)
Wall wart....? Ooooh, imagine a wall made of Mac Mini's!!
Hee! And have them all eject a CD at the same time.. ^_^
Heheh, that'd be so cool. Or maybe sequentially, starting from the bottom and moving to the top of the wall... to music! Pity they can't uneject a CD~
Ack! I meant to include this Cube/Mac mini comparison, too. ^_^ Not sure how the person managed to get both of them together for the shot so soon (reviewer, maybe?), assuming it's not just Photoshop at work, but I think the dimensions do suggest it's genuine.

(Oh, wall wart? Just a colloquialism for power supplies molded into power plug cases, as with cellphone chargers and the like)
Wow. It fits so nicely inside the Cube....
I look forward to showing Ristin that video, even though there were no actually raccoons in shot. ;)
Aw, Candy Coon's just differently colored to most. ^_^ (And there's actually Chairo Raccoon just to the back, unfortunately only barely visible.. I arrived too late to get any better angle, I think, or maybe I had to be tethered to a power socket. The camcorder, that is - the original batteries only lasted about 25 mins each. The new replacement, however, gives around 1h20! Still nothing to shout about compared to more recent cameras, but a distinct improvement.. !)

Miyazaki-Moebius exhibition: wow!!
I read both artists' bios on the website and was annoyed by a comment from the writer,
something about Brad Bird plundering Miyazaki's work for "The Iron Giant".
I would like to give the writer a swift kick in the groin.
Typical French criticizing bullshit...

And here's some good-natured ribbing for you Mac-lovers out there.
iClick iHere


Zrath (Who used to hang out with Moebius at San Diego Comic Con)

Perhaps they will find the Loch Ness Monster, I mean i have seen footage of the loch ness monster ever if it was fuzzy and may have been a stick in a river.