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ibneko should definitely see this, but it's fun for anyone: cat see-saw. It's a flash-based game - very small, so it's dialup-friendly, and doesn't require a dual G5 to run. ^_^

As noted by xolo, A look into the Congo, 45 years after the Belgians left.

From a Wired piece on the persistence of gaming away from the system: 'Frequent gamer Alfred Weisberg-Roberts said he often feels lingering effects after playing games like Animal Crossing, in which the point is to collect as many animals and bugs as possible from a wide variety of locations. "Once, my girlfriend happened upon a tree ... kind of like the round, thin trees in the game, and began to shake it -- one in-game way of receiving money, goods and bees," Weisberg-Roberts said. "When nothing fell from its branches, I think she quickly realized how this must have looked to the other hundred or so people in the park."'

So, the Mac Mini is real, with the specs the rumor sites had claimed; two models, $499 and $599. Kawaii!

A simple, cute, free game, and it runs on a variety of platforms: Rats & Spears. Thanks to marko_the_rat for pointing that out. ^_^

On the topic of scam artists "naming" stars for people, one astronomer's tale.

Is a draft all that distant? An article in Ethics Daily, wherein "draft officials urged the church to dust off long-standing 'alternative service' programs" might suggest not. With any luck, the notion of an exit strategy will occur first.

Good gods! Finally, there's more Twin Spica! It seems Shinsen Subs have taken up the slack, with their release of episodes 15 and 16. Being only a 20 episode series, the end is nigh! (I've always wanted to say that)

Samsung's demonstrated a phone with speech-to-text recognition. Should be amusing.. (IBM's ViaVoice can make for a great geeky party game)

A modest proposal: Nuke@Home.

Symptom for the season: Black Hairy Tongue. (Witness the power of usenet thread drift! That came three replies down from a poster enquiring about crystalline "tin whiskers" affecting electronics with age)

Have a random quotation. ^_^

Pic for the day: BrokeRedTail's LilBun. Not safe for work, and hazardously cute.

Via sockscatt, UGO's Hero Maker. Essentially, a paper-doll system in Java, along Marvel lines.. choose a basic body type, then add on the hair, gloves, eyes, nose (including a feline option), tail, boots, and so on.

Now to try catching up on everything from the past couple days. Eep!
I was, but not at present, unfortunately - I let that lapse in the last few years of moving around. :-P

*grin* I remember reading in one of your comments to rabbitswift that you were in Minneapolis for a time. When was that, if you don't mind me asking? =:)

Should be easy enough to renew automatically, as far as I'm aware...

*nods* Unless it's been expired for too long (2 years is the grace period here, I think) they should replace it free of charge if you ask nicely =;P

Mostly, though, I'd see myself checking out the current state of packet radio (if it still exists. Hopefully there are people playing with high bandwidth data, possibly on a spread-spectrum basis) and amateur satellites particularly...

I would love to give packet a try as well, but being the poor high school student I am the equipment is still mostly out of my price range (though I do have a BayPac2 sitting around here, if I could make the cable and find the software for it).

A few years ago I was up in Fergus Falls for a HF contest, and one of the people there brought his satellite equipment (a 10cm/2m yagi on a tripod, his dual-band HT, and a laptop) and we managed to catch a satellite or two for a short time =:)

Did you choose your callsign, or did it simply happen to be easily pronounceable?

I'm only licensed as a Tech, so I can't get a vanity call just yet (and KC0FUR is gone, anyway =;P).