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Have a bunny of your very own! Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Walt Disney's first creation) seems to be proving quite popular in Japan.

Nintendog: a puppy simulator. (Flash clip embedded)

There's another, relatively unknown, OS X Playstation emulator: PCSX, a fork of the original Linux project. It's nowhere near as mature as, say, the long lamented Connectix Virtual GameStation, but seems to have promise.

Courtesy of ristin, a suite of rat spells. ^_^

Wired's Vaporware of 2004 winners have been announced. ^_^ Some of the nominations are rather marginal, but, I was tickled to see CherryOS at number 2. Number 1? None other than Infinium Labs' Phantom games console. (Duke Nukem Forever, having already been given a Lifetime Achievement Award, is now ineligible, but receives a mention through sheer popularity)

Quote for the day, from addedentry: "It is always prudent to invite your landlord to your party." And there's another noteworthy line, by way of a - forceful retort.. in a recent Vinci & Arty.

.. and from alt.folklore.urban: "The falsehood 'Sharks are immune to cancer' is claimed to imply that sharks' CARTILEGE protects them from cancer which is claimed to imply that YOU TOO can be protected from cancer by EATING shark cartilege. This is about as reasonable as eating pencil erasers to avoid spelling mistakes."

Or momentrabbit: "Halflife 2, sans spoilers: yeah, it's too short. No, I don't feel ripped off. Any game where I can smash a bozo with a toilet - and a convincingly acted bozo, and a well-rendered toilet? That's a game worth playing."

By befrafa, this is what a snowkitten looks like. ^_^

In a new Kentucky attraction, the "Museum of Creation", visitors will learn that dinosaurs and man existed side by side.

I've been pondering the rumored $500 Mac, and as regards PVR capability - why is it that TiVo continue to just about squeak by? Owners seem all very content with what it does and how it does it, and the hardware and subscription costs, on the face of it, seem plausibly sustaining. Do the boxes in fact cost more than they appear, leading to overly slender profit margins, or is the company just too large for its revenues?

Recommended political weblog, for those who appreciate, say, Janeane Garofalo: The Rude Pundit. Not particularly recommended for places of work.

morganbatness: "That sushi last night was a blissful mistake."
Mmm. Flarestorm's pretty good as of right now... I've used it to play and finish both Chrono Cross and FFIX.

You know what I'd be really interested in seeing? A PS2 emulator. Came across a few rumors, but nothing more, and all for PC/Linux (as usual)
Mm, I need to check up on Flarestorm again.. actually, with other CPU leeching processes (including iMovie when in capture, rather than edit, mode) turned off, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo was very close to working fine. I should see if I can dig up my PS1-alike USB controller and see if either will recognise it.. it's a simple game, but one I fired up quite often when I was using CVGS. Indeed, I still have Classic installed on Bunny, and I know I have CVGS kicking around (an original 1.0 CD-R, fresh from Connectix's stand at the MacWorld when it was released!), though whether it's happy with 9.2.2, I'm not sure - it's been a while since I really used Classic seriously, and longer since I used CVGS.

(Such a pity Sony wound up buying the project and promptly dropping it into a deep pit behind HQ. Worked perfectly with most games out there, and with no loss of performance - some really good programming there)
O.o wow, an original 1.0 CVGS CD? I only have 1.4.2 or 1.4.1, cracked and badly broken (methinks) pirated copies... they worked at some point, but my iBook G4 doesn't run OS 9, and the systems that do aren't going to be within easy reach unless I hijack one of the school's older iMacs.

::nods:: Bad Sony. Bad! Pity none of the developers realized what Sony was going to do to it and saved the code to release out into the wild. That would have been awesome...