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DVD Times lists some good post-Christmas bargains, including seven prime Hitchcock movies for £23, and the entire run of Michael Palin's renowned travel series, on 16 discs, for £60.

If you're looking to offer a donation towards the tsunami relief efforts, you might consider Small Dog Electronics' Doctors Without Borders contribution "item", as they'll match all donations.

Yipe! Seems some new H2G2 casting announcements were just made - voices of Marvin and the whale, respectively: Alan Rickman and Bill Bailey. squee!

From the Alamo Car Rental policies: "Certain one-way rentals, such as from San Francisco to Honolulu, (or vice versa) are not allowed."

The trailer (650K Flash) for the furry comic Silent Forest is.. quite interesting. ^_^

Yay! Ozy & Millie is reverting from its former Tuesday/Thursday update schedule, to all weekdays.

Via rubberskunk, a rather cool dolphin transformation clip (8.6MB Sorenson 3 QuickTime) by Gryf; also available in transcoded form locally (2MB MPEG-4).

Quote for the day, from Laibach, via normanrafferty: "Yes, we believe in God but, unlike Americans, we don't trust him."

Due to the number of Iraqis living in Iran, the Iraqi elections will also take place in six Iranian provinces.

A couple pics for the day:
Another of Weasely's wonderfully emotionally expressive pieces.
.. the very, very cute. ^_^
.. and a most delightfully shaded piece by Megara Gordon.

The things one learns online:
> According to Wikipedia, "Number sign is the Unicode preferred name for
> the glyph or symbol #."

In Germany, we colloquially refer to it as "Gartenzaun" (picket fence).
The other affectionally named symbol is the @ sign: "Klammeraffe"
(spider monkey).

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron."

Apparently, since the late 90s, "In the UK, [UFO] sightings have gone from about 30 a week to almost zero; it's a trend echoed in the US and Norway."
(Deleted comment)
The Rt Rev Octothorpe.. does have a certain parochial ring to it, doesn't it? ^_^ (For me, it's always been "hash". "Pound" is plain ol' £, unless it's weight, where it's ye olde "lb.")

I'm very pleased to see it lists / as "stroke", which I've long maintained is a far gentler, more civilised monicker than "slash". And great to see ! as "pling" is recognised, too, not to mention the erstwhile "bang", even if that's but the province of usenet paths now. (Still, handy to be aware of, on the odd occasion, as with the occasional pollution of the newsgroups, to gauge the perpetrator's point of injection. Wonder how well understood % is within sendmail/qmail configs now, for that matter..)
I like the splat the best!

A splat delimited file.... But then i do like talking about SQL blobs, bits and strings!

Having said that a pig-pen separated file... I could live with that...
Ah, in local mindspace, splat is the key to the left of the space bar on an Apple keyboard. Technically, of course, it's the far less colorful Command, or occasionally, "cloverleaf", but - there's a certain delight in just saying splat. ^_^
"cross of iron"

I've seen that excerpt quoted a lot, yeah. I didn't notice ol' Ike being such a pacificist when he was facing the Nazis, though. If you read the speech in context, it becomes apparent that he's taking the Soviets to task for trying to match our military capabilities, thereby forcing us to spend even more to outstrip them. Then, as now, we'd not have had to spend so much on the military if our enemies would just have obliged us by disarming first.

There's a bit of an in-joke there too, in that he's paraphrasing Bryant's "Cross of Gold" speech. That would have been more apparent to the voters of the 1950s than today, I think.

@ sign: "Klammeraffe" (spider monkey)

Bwahahahah! :D

Hmm that TF video is rather well done, if extremely disturbing at the same time :P
Hehe! You might want to seek out more of Gryf's work, in that case.. he's drawn quite a few midway transformation pics, plus a couple (still) sequences, including (surprise!) a particularly good dolphin, in some detail. Rather cool. Seems there may be further video TFs on the way, though very gradually.

The nose migrating upwards can't be comfortable. (Can a dolphin sneeze?) Ah, to see that elegant beak develop.. definitely quite a piece of work. Now, if only it were a video recording.. ^_^
My understanding that the 'official' name for # is indeed octothorpe, although I've read that this is a myth.



Heh! I could certainly believe that origin - I know I've seen that name around, though only in definitions, never colloquially.

"Square" - that's an unusual one, though I think the answering machine downstairs refers to it thusly, which took me a moment or two to figure out, when first setting the day and time. "Hash" seems fairly universally recognised, with its "pound" identity quite definitely not understood in the UK.. does Canada follow the US in this regard?

Let's just make a phone with Zapf Dingbats glyphs instead, and confuse people properly. ^_^
I think Canada goes with whatever anyone wants to call it, to be honest. However, it is called the 'pound' key on the telephone. I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to it as a 'hash' mark. Usually, it's the 'number' sign as in #1.
If you're looking to offer a donation towards the tsunami relief efforts, you might consider Small Dog Electronics' Doctors Without Borders contribution "item", as they'll match all donations.

That would not go to tsunami relief anymore, because Doctors Without Borders "estimates that we have received sufficient funds for our currently foreseen emergency response in South Asia, ... We kindly request that you contribute to our general Emergency Relief Fund."

It's good to know that a charity can use the word "sufficient" in that context though. I don't think I've ever heard that before!

Corporate matching donations have always been a grey area for me. The individual making the donation does not get a tax receipt, but they get to effectively make twice the donation at half the cost - which is much better than a tax write-off for people in ordinary tax brackets who pay less than 50% tax. But the corporation might get a tax write-off for the full amount donated (ie: twice what you gave them) and I've always wondered if they can somehow get more money back in the form of a tax refund than their investment of the matching funds. Even if that is the case, it is a win-win-win situation for you, the company, and the charity, but it still gives me pause.
I once saw a UFO once , with a friend of mine, so i know that i didn't imagine it. We got so much stick about it by our friends... may be this explains the trend...
Could very well be - I'm surprised, still, at such a claimed drop-off.. I may have to go nosing around a bit, and establish the original source for that assertion.

Have you posted about said sighting in your journal, I wonder? Were you able to take any video or photos?
No its a fact of life you never have a camera when you need it. It was years ago anyway.

I'd like to say that we walked over to where it landed, but we didn't we ran like stink in the other direction... I never did like anal probes....