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I ought to mark the new year with an entry, so I think I will. ^_^

AuctionDrop is offering their services for free: "Bring your used and new cameras, computers, consumer electronics, or other items into The UPS Store and AuctionDrop will sell them on eBay and donate 100% of the net proceeds [ie less UPS' packaging fee] to CARE to benefit the victims of December 26th South Asian earthquake and tsunami."

The Rosenhan Experiment - "On being sane in insane places" - set out to see if sane people could get admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and if genuine patients could be deemed fake.

Via ducktapeddonkey, a nifty look at a Flaming Lips performance. Unicorn, yay!

The web has brought so many wonders within reach of anyone with a connection - now including a public repository of wildlife images and sounds, ARKive. By way of a purely random example of a species entry: the red panda.

A free, fairly ridiculously comprehensive guide to communications programming, courtesy of IBM: RPC, streams, sockets, FDDI, and much more.

What may be the first known animation sequence, on a 5,000-year old goblet in SE Iran, has been transferred to video (8.9MB AVI linked).

The last few days have been spent getting video off the Hi-8 tapes of some of my travel and zoo adventures. It's been fun to revisit the locations involved, even if it'll be difficult to convey the wonder I felt at encountering those places for the first time, as I like to try to communicate that through quiet visuals (and certainly not commentary :).

A snow leopard conservation project faces its own extinction.

From Mainstream Baptist: 'This year, I resolve to stop remaining silent whenever I hear Christians talk about our country being a "Christian Nation." Nations can't be Christian. Genuine faith requires an individual, voluntary, personal commitment.'

And it's good to see Aaron McGruder's remaining as snarky as ever into 2005. Yay!

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