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Some photos finally got posted from the HHGTTG movie production. The recent Ain't it Cool News posting appears to be a misunderstanding, given this posting on the Douglas Adams Continuum, which makes more sense: "Zaphod does have his third arm, and his second head DOES NOT come out of his nose, rather it comes from underneath his already existing head." A later quote, "Can I say, we’ve come up with a really nifty way of doing it and it looks fantastic, but can I keep that a secret for now?" Well, we'll see eventually. Still, the Slashdot comments did yield one amusing anecdote:

'Several years ago I had the misfortune to work for a rather a large but crap European company. A fellow contractor reached his limit and decided to quit. Just before leaving the building, he mailed the entire and I mean entire company mailing lists, staff, clients, suppliers, everyone with the message "So long and thanks for all the fish".

Shortly afterwards the mailservers melted under all the "Fish? What fish?" responses. Nice.'

What if, after seeing big stompy robots in many an anime show, you wanted a mecha of your own? This guy has decided to set about making one - 18 feet tall. And fully functional.

Now you can order M&Ms with your custom message printed on them..

I'm pleased to note that the previously mentioned unorthodox taxidermy site is back up. ^_^

In a similar vein to the Sega joystick, an enterprising Oregonian has reincarnated the Commodore 64 plus 30 games onto a chip within a joystick.

I'm very pleased to see the Carspeckens noting the valuable services raccoons perform. (Edit: seems the strip has been overwritten)

WFMU's On The Download is worth a look, for unusual music. My eye was caught by one description, for Russ Meyer's "Prank Call": "An insight to some showbiz wheelings and dealings on the phone from the guy who invented breasts."

V/Vm's "It's fan-dabi-dozi!" defies adequate description, but suffice to say, you'll need extraordinary resilience against High Chintz to make it through unscathed. It's a complete waste of time, really, and then again, when it swings back up from calculated corporate blandness, it reaches dizzying experimental weirdness.

An interesting little curio: a pamphlet (3MB PDF), "Directorate of Science and Technology: People and Intelligence in the Service of Freedom.", from the CIA's museum, open only to agency employees.

Quote for the day (even if, geekily enough, it led to my seeking out the correct representation of an em-dash in HTML) from austin_dern: 'At The Gap I also bought (on orders) a Gift Card. The register printed out several receipts; so, naturally, I said, "I have to ask — one of those is the gift receipt, isn't it?" "Yes, it is," said the cashier, and he pointed to the shorter. So, then, if the recipient doesn't want the Gift Card she can exchange it for something the store sells.'
I came across your journal from Tiff (schwitters).

But, it must be said, the customized M&Ms are the coolest things since... well, the original M&Ms, I suppose. If only I stumbled across them a few weeks ago, I could have ordered them for Christmas...

As well, the quote of the day made my day, not to sound too repetitive. I actually just purchased gift cards today... 5 for my dad, each $2. Shall be funny when he searches through a giant box looking for them all.

Anywho, I'll depart. If you'd like, we can be friends. :) *Feels like a child in nursery school...*
Wow, that raccoon defence is doing the rounds, isn't it? ^_^ And the only payment they ask for in return for this valuable public service is all the food you leave out for other critters.
Well, the Carspeckens do such adorable work, but tend not to cover us ringtailed sorts too often. ^_^ Or maybe they do? I haven't checked their site in quite some time, I admit..

So, it's sort of like danegeld, but with far cuter protagonists?
(Deleted comment)
That's a bit of a pain.. it seems that strip's been overwritten. It's not showing up in a new place in the archive for the current week, and that new strip is indeed identically named to the one I'd originally pointed to. Maybe Marko has a copy? (I am but a panda of very little brain)
Woot...Taxadermy site works. Nice stuff. I like the thyacine remains.
Hoo! Now that's an unusual one.. remarkably, there's some actual film footage of the last known, here. Whether there might still be some survivors is anybody's guess.. there seem to be occasional rumored sightings, but they're as likely mistakes or dry fishing tales, presumably.

Curiously, she doesn't list availability of her work in time for Christmas. ^_^
Now you can order M&Ms with your custom message printed on them..

Dammit! I want S&M's!!!!!!
*giggle* I could see those vanishing really quickly from the shelves, and not just because of Mars Inc lawyers. ^_^ I'd love to see those!

I wonder how on earth they achieve that printing anyway? Presumably a very special purpose inkjet setup, loaded with appropriately colored edible "ink".. now there's something I don't think I've seen in an office supplies store. Could make memos a lot more fun, though: "For security purposes, please dispose of this document by eating". Although they'd have to work on the additives in printer paper - I recall it being rather bitter, compared to sketchpads. (I used to nibble on bits of my exercise books back in school, on occasion. Earlier, sometimes my t-shirts, which didn't strike my parents as such a good idea, but cotton proved to be quite a nice texture to roll around in the mouth. Hm. Latent lapinity? :)
I've seen gum that was like that. The wrapper had a powder on it, and you 'drew' on the package with a dull pencil. The message was on the stick of gum, and I think the wrapper had minimal 'trace' of the message too. It was marketed to kids. You 'read' it, then chewed the gum.

Weird stuff, sure.
(Deleted comment)
Erf! Gods, that had me worried.. alongside that non sequitur of a joke about that race having fifty noses, and thus being the first to invent the deodorant.. um, no, not quite. ^_^;

I still think a spherical Heart of Gold sounds rather wrong, but, hey - it's not like Adams ever claimed strict continuity between the various versions of the series. >chuckle<

AFAIK, the role of the Book itself still hasn't been announced. I wonder if they might try using Peter Jones' BBC recordings? After all, he (it) doesn't interact with any of the characters as such, and isn't on screen at all.. I wonder.

Four more months.. according to its IMDb entry, the movie opens in the UK, US, and Iceland (!) on May 6 2005. Aaaah! Where are the incessant trailers and TV spots? ^_^
I think that i belong to the first version seen= best group.

I loved the HHGTTG radio series, liked the book and loved the Original Records version.. The Tv series ( could not live up to my mental picture of HHGTTG) so i'm not sure sure what i'm going to make of the movie
Oh, it's often the way. Given this new version's going to have pretty much no connection to the other dramatisations, I'll just be waiting to see if the new players can capture the essence (thinks back to the Skeksis' lair, and their secret for rejuvenation) of the story. It's been rather frustrating, of course, with almost no clips released, nor any trailers beyond that actorless teaser - somewhat surprising, now, when movies may be promoted a year ahead, or further, as has since turned out to be the case with Cars. (Of course, I'd sooner see Ratatouille next, but then again, that would mean it falling into the clutches of Disney, as the final part of their current deal)

Still, perhaps some comfort may be found in Alan Rickman voicing Marvin. I can easily see that working, based on his delicious performances in Galaxy Quest and Help! I'm a Fish!.