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An abstracted moment from the cafe discussion of two Russian elders at a cafe.

Many good mammalian photos, including red pandas. Or, for hard-shelled action, here's the truth about snapping shrimp (29.8MB MPEG-1). Fascinating!

Quite a polished manga-style reinterpretation of the Powerpuff Girls - with 94 pages so far!

Rather a lovely piece (completely safe), in the style of the original Beatrix Potter illustrations.

Having finally seen The Incredibles, I can offer no excuse as to why you should not see this right now. It's a superb example of the irrelevance of whether an animated production is 2D or 3D, CG or cel, anime or Western - this is an action comedy, whilst still having more of an exciting, engaging edge than most Bond flicks, plus "cinematography" that would do any live production proud. It illustrates well the benefits of an animated production, such as impossible camera angles, adding the benefits of CG, whilst never losing that spontaneity of motion and expressivity that marks real animation. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a try. I really don't think you'll be disappointed, whatever your original perspective - though perhaps not that of the good people of the Landover Baptists.

And here's a trial version of the Incredibles game, for Windows, OS X version apparently on its way.

Ooh.. wonder what this book, Redeeming Factors, by James Lane is like? Given it's from an on-demand publisher, perhaps there's an ebook version available. The cover illustration is most intriguing.

The New York Times Firefox ad finally appeared. Nicely done.

A stack of rather attractive OS X screensavers and 3D benchmarks, under the Chimera engine.

From huskyteer:
TRACY (reading a cracker motto): 'What do you call a man who comes through your letterbox?'
ME: A pervert!
TRACY: It's actually 'Bill', but I like your answer better.

Forbes seems convinced there's an Apple cellphone on the way, but I'd think it's more likely to be something like an existing Motorola phone with suitable iTMS/iTunes client software, rather than an actual Apple design.
Eep! That's most disappointing.. sounds like a bit of a rush job. Strange that they wouldn't bother with mouse support - hardly much more work than handling joysticks, after all, but maybe I repeat myself. Ah well - just another reason to pick up a PS2 someday. (Katamari Damacy being the most pressing, of course. Japanese game design often seems much more.. well, playful. And cute. Cute is good :)

I'll refrain from my usual rant against game architects who fail to make the engine scale well, rather than aiming solely for recent computers. Obviously, it won't be as good on an older system, but it should still run smoothly. Bah. Too many lousy, lazy programmers around.
Loved the ny times firefox ad :) My GOSH they spent a hunk of change on that one!!!